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Created in 2015, and currently funded by the H. Hovnanian Family Foundation, HIKEArmenia is a non-profit NGO committed to the promotion of Armenia as a hiking and ecotourism destination for international visitors and locals alike. Whether a seasoned nature enthusiast or someone simply eager to begin exploring, HIKEArmenia is here to help connect everyone to all that Armenia has to offer. With our free hiking app, website, and information center in downtown Yerevan, we're making hiking in Armenia easy and fun for all.

All of our efforts are aimed at the primary goal of rural development, helping local communities by bringing in new opportunities and building a holistic ecotourism system. To ensure hikers have a great experience, we have helped to develop over 70 hiking trails accessible for free through our platforms, all of which adhere to internationally recognized trail development guidelines.

We have also curated a growing database of 75 accommodations, 20+ recommended guides, and 100+ points of interest which give hikers not just practical information but also historical and cultural information along every trail.

We also enact community development programs aimed at spreading the ideals of nature preservation, hiking culture, and ecotourism. A trail club for youth education and a volunteer trail maintenance group are just the start of community-focused initiatives in Armenia.

mobile-application A super convenient (and FREE)
mobile app
resource-centerA beautiful Information Center in
downtown Yerevan
hiking-websiteThis one-stop-shop website on
hiking in Armenia

Epic trails, warm hospitality, and unique culture are
waiting. All you have to do now is get here!

Our Team

  • Edele Hovnanian
  • Linda Yepoyan
    Board Member
  • Patil Toutounjian
    Communications Coordinator
  • Ardag Kosian
    Executive Director
  • Tamara Vardanyan
    Office Manager
  • Patrick Sarkissian
    Founder, ONEArmenia

Our Information Center is open—come say hi!

We got tips, tricks, and advice we’d love to share with you!
5 Vardanants Street, Yerevan
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM, Monday - Friday
(Open Saturdays during hiking season)
+374 11 445326 |

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