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Angels' Canyon Loop

Angels' Canyon Loop

2.5 h
10.9 km
952 m
1,187 m

Things to see

Angels' Canyon
This beautiful little canyon is just an hour away from Yerevan, and yet many people, including locals, have never heard of it. Be among the first to discover Angels’ Canyon!

Just beyond the city of Vedi lies the small town of Dashtakar, a roughly 50 min drive from Yerevan. Before you enter the gates of the village, you’ll see the first directional sign that points you down a dirt road to the Angels’ Canyon Loop on your left. Drive down this access road following the Barakaghbyur River for a little over 3 km until you hit a shallow river crossing. Park there, or cross the river if you're in a 4x4 vehicle. After crossing the river continue in the same direction until you reach the second directional sign — this is the true start of the trail. The loop will bring you back to this second sign at the end of your hike. From this sign, follow the trail to the left to reach Angels’ Canyon (called Hreshtakneri Dzor in Armenian). 

The canyon itself is short but beautiful and quite unique. The jagged red rocks give it a Martian-like feel, and it’s proximity to the Khosrov State Reserve means there’s a variety of wildlife to see along the way, from the Armenian tortoise, which you may find putzing around your feet, to the steppe eagle soaring high above the ground. 

To continue hiking the trail at the end of the canyon, you'll have to scramble up the rocks to the other side (it’s an easy climb) and follow the dry river bed. While the trail is on the wilder side, it is marked. But if you find yourself in doubt, just follow the clearly visible riverbed or animal paths made by the local grazing sheep (and the GPS tracks in our app). You’ll eventually see another directional sign once you meet the dirt road at the halfway mark. From there, simply follow the sign down the dirt road and from whence you came while taking in the view of the surrounding hills and Mt. Ararat, the national symbol of Armenia, just beyond them.

How to get there

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Beth Hedges
Pick a cool day as there is pretty much no shade or water on the trail (or bring a parasol). We were slow and it took us 1 1/2 hours on the left side of the loop to go to the point where the loop came back. The left side is only 2.1 km. We then decided to go back the same way as the right side of the loop was 5+ km back. If you want to just see the canyon take the left loop (the low road at the yellow trail sign) Note that the exit climb out of the canyon is challenging that direction as it is a almost smooth rock climb. But otherwise it is a easy hike. You follow the river on the left side of the loop - try and follow the animal track up along the sides. When you cannot find a trail marker stick to the river. There were a few spots where we had to scout a bit to find the right route.
Anton Sotniychuk
Микаэла Погосян
I completed the tour with 2 of my friends, was very tough, exactly what we were looking for, but can't give it 5 stars because the trail is polluted with plastic bottles, bags, etc.. For those who are considering this tour make sure you have sun protection and enough water, 2-2,5 liters should be enough.
Meghety Kurdian
Svetlana Pyanova
Хочу добавить один момент к своему комментарию. Если из Вагаршапата мы доехали на Яндекс.такст до самого начала маршрута, то обратно мы добирались с приключениями. Нас подвезли до Веди случайные попутчики. А вот из Веди такси не было, а автобусы уже все уехали.
Никита Достоевский
Очень красивый и хороший маршрут. На дорогу ушло 4 часа, навигатор показал 14-15 км.
Capucine Tong
March 9th, 2022 Beautiful easy hike with stunning views on the multicolour mountains and Angel's canyon. Our personnal favourite so far.
Valeria Borodina
Классный маршрут на самом деле 14 км, а не 10. Красиво от начала и до конца.
Achod Papasian
Easy and pleasant hike. One hour bus ride from Yerevan. Preferably pick a sunny day to fully enjoy the rock formations.
Tracy Boehl
This has been my favorite hike so far. I have gone in the snow and spring time and both times the trail was awesome.
Таня Кувшинова
hiker hiker
The views are gorgeous. Nice walk. Nothing too special, but works for a casual weekend hike.
Tom Schreeder
I really enjoyed this hike! My wife and I hiked this trail August 19, 2020. Temperature was about 40 C. Just a few things... First, traveling highway H10 from Vedi to Dashtkar, you will pass the Dashkatar town sign. Immediately after the sign, the road forks. Take the left fork under the arch, then the first dirt road on the left (trail marker is at this corner). The road into the trailhead is about 2 km. We were glad we were driving a four-wheel drive with adequate ground clearance. At the trailhead, we hiked the trail counterclockwise. It's a pretty stiff climb, but manageable and the view are great from the beginning. The first half of the trail is very clearly marked and easy to follow. After the turnaround, the markings are a little more difficult, but you essentially just follow the river back. There is a rock wall about three meters high near the end of the trail. It is not easy to climb or descend. We found a way around. A ladder here would be very helpful. SPECIAL NOTE: This is the cleanest trail I have been on in Armenia. Almost no trash on the first half, very little on the second, and that mostly near the end. If you go in August, take plenty of water. There is very little shade. All in all, a great little walk.
Andranik Nersesyan