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Tatev to Devil’s Bridge

Tatev to Devil’s Bridge

6.0 km
1548 m
965 m

Things to see

Tatev Monastery
Devil's Bridge (Satani Kamurj)
Located below the world’s longest reversible aerial ropeway, this trail goes through the Vorotan River Valley, home to the Great Hermitage of Tatev. Point-to-point, this trail is nothing short of magic.

You’ll start from the stunning 17th century Tatev Monastery, and work your way into the lush valley below. Take a peek inside the Hermitage, where monks once observed long periods of silence far away from the rest of the world (maybe that’s exactly why you’re hiking in Armenia in the first place!). The trail ends a few meters away from Devil’s Bridge, a natural bridge carved by the river out of rock. Just cross the road to see the roaring river below that carved the crevice and bridge. To take a dip in the natural hot spring there, you’ll need to climb down a rope (ask a guide before you leave the marked area for visitors).

NOTE: Route updated in 2023 to avoid sections obstructed by large water pipe and construction.

How to get there

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Lukas Spory
Beautiful path through a magnificent landscape!The trailhead was a bit difficult to spot, but it starts right below the Tatev viewpoint, exactly where it is marked in the App. The first section to Tandzatap is then very easy to follow and rewards you with stunning views of the monastery and the valleys below. We met some incredibly friendly people in Tandzatap, which in itself was worth the hike. Underneath the village, there were multiple paths marked, one ending in a dead end. So make sure you take a map or your phone with you and keep a close eye on where you're going. Also, some sections of the trail are quite exposed to the sun, so bring water and protection (it was really warm in April already). Devil's bridge is a popular spot for people to park and take pictures, so we didn't have problems hitching a ride back to Goris.
Charlotte Depin
The trail is only 4km but it starts really away from the monastery. I tried to follow a non signed trail from the monastery to the start, don't do that!! It is really hard and unsafe!! Count 1,5h to reach the beginning of the trail or save time by taking a cab to Tsndzatap where the trail begins
Shav M-yan
Rahel Fisher
At the river coming from Tatev it's much better to cross it to the right side and walk up to the devils brigde there. This section is not yet on OpenStreetMap but its in a much better condition and does not climb as high up.
Alexandr Alexandrov
Great trail with views. With few challenging places where you have to climb over the water pipe twice or jump over the pit made for other water pipes. Trail starts a little bit up the highway from the Tatev monastery. Definitely not hard to find it with your phone. Did it with my mom. She was terrified by heights but eventually liked it
gib g
Definitely not an easy path. The specified time is an ambitious estimate - it is harder than described. The end of the path involves crossing a river along a thin metal pipe (15cm wide), potentially difficult for some. Otherwise a beautiful path, can recommend stopping off at an abandoned monastery on the way where a hermit resides - just be respectful
Charlotte P
Best way to hike this trail: take the aerial tramway "Wings of Tatev" near Halidzor, it will take you all the way up to the village of Tatev where you can visit the famous Tatev monastery. Then instead of taking the tramway back, simply hike the trail downhill from the village to Devil's bridge.
Martijn Van Adrichem
Beautiful hike with stunning views of Tatev monastery. From the village of Tandzatap a dog joined me who walked with me all the way to the end! Besides me and Mr. Doggo it's a very quiet walk, i just met one man on a donkey. There's also a campsite (without any facilities) halfway. The tour ends at devil's bridge. When I was there two local boys offered to "guide" me into the cave for a bit of money. They're not official guides so it's a bit of a at your own risk thing.
marjorie brottier
We have performed this trail on the other way, from Devil's bridge to Tatev. Even if some areas can be considered as tough, we can only recommend this trail for all the amazing points of view on the Monastery, Great Hermitage,... End point to monastery is about 1 km following the road.
Bianca Delgado-Jones
The trail is an easy down-hill hike if you go from Tatev Monastery. The trail is well marked, just be sure to start at the beginning of the trail and to always keep an eye out for the red and white trail markers. I highly suggest adding this hike to your day in Tatev! Devil's bridge is also a great place to hang out and cool off after a long day in the sun.
Tad Karapetian
Nice easy trail. the monastery at the bottom was a sight to behold. Be sure to check out the hot springs at devil's bridge. Please do not bring any glass into the water.
Галина Петрова
A very pleasant trail. The trail starts at a bend in the road just opposite the monastery. The entrance is not very obvious, but if you check the geolocation you will quickly find it. After that, you can just follow the markings. During our trip (May 2023), there was one unpleasant moment: a large scour, 1.5m wide and 2m deep, just below the power station. To get around it, we had to walk along the bottom of the stream and then back up the almost steep slope. However, this place is easy to miss. The trail here turns off the road and makes a loop, passing under the power station and through the ruins of an ancient church, before briefly returning to the same road. I highly recommend that you don't miss the Great Hermitage of Tatev and visit the Devil's Bridge at the end of your trip. Great Hermitage of Tatev is home to a hermit monk who takes care of it.
Adrien Surowiec
We did it in 2 and a half hours but we were walking fast. You'll get spectacular views on the valley and on the monastery and cross several water streams. The path was sometimes grown over by plants and about the middle of the hike we even had to climb as apparently a water pipe or a tree damaged the path (August 2022) ,otherwise we recommend this hike.


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