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Du interessierst dich für eine tiefgründige Geschichtsstunde über Klöster, Schlösser und andere historische Städte an Armeniens Wanderwegen? Dann ist Ara der richtige Ansprechpartner für dich! Er ist nicht nur professioneller Wanderführer, sondern auch Archäologe. Seit 2012 führt er Besucher und Reisende durch Armenien und gibt sein Wissen über Natur und Kultur preis. Setze dich mit ihm über unsere App oder Website in Verbindung. 
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Jordi VR
We did a 1-day tour with Ara in northern Armenia. He is an extraordinary guide with many interests, and he adapted the tour to all of our preferences, which are quite diverse -from archeological sites to modernist-soviet architecture. He could talk in depth about social, cultural and historical aspects, which felt enriching to all of the things we visited, and improved substantially the quality of our stay. I would most definitely reccomend him for a tour.
Gary Amseian
Ara was our guide during a daytrip to Sevan lake, Dilijan, Lake Parz, Goshavank and Haghartsin from Yerevan in February 2022. He was a great guide. He gave very good explanations about the nature and cultural heritage (monasteries, khachkars...). He adapted to our interests and took us to all the places we wanted to visit. He recommended a good restaurant and made sure that we could have what we wanted to eat (Ghapama, which was delicious). Ara was respectful and funny and he facilitated the transportation. I would surely do another trip with Ara and would definitely recommend him as a guide.