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Ashot ist Gründer des Armhiking Tourismuszentrums (2013) und Projektmanager des Transkausasichen Wegs in Armenien. Mit seiner Wanderkarriere begann er 2009 und arbeitet heute als selbstständiger Bergführer und erschafft neue Trails in Zusammenarbeit mit einer NGO. 
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Eduard Stepanian
Very professional, intelligent and positive guy. Highly recommend him.
Tsovinar Hakobyan
Ashot is a very positive, attentive, caring guide with lots of information and experience. I am sure you will enjoy your hiking with him.
Алекси Николов
Ashot is a very calm & easygoing guy. It is very pleasant to hike with him as he can show you and inform you a lot about his amazing work for TCT. He helped us a lot for the planning of our trip and we had great times in Armenia. I truly hope to meet again someday.
Ben Allen
Ashot is a very friendly and easy going guy who is very comfortable in the great outdoors and knows his way around the mountains. He was part of the team that built many of these trails so his knowledge of them is pretty unrivalled. He's multilingual too and has an adventurous spirit - great guide!