Armenia Trails Expedition - READY. SET. WOAH!

Unlocking trail narratives in the next great hiking destination.

July 7-18 APPLY
Deadline to apply EXTENDED: May 31

Are you an experienced hiker who loves to discover and
share amazing stories from off the beaten track?
Do you create narratives and media that shape the trail space?

If so, this expedition in Armenia is for you!

We’ve organized an epic, 8-day expedition for you to experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of
Armenia. It’s a backpacking-style trip. We’ll spend seven nights in the field, traveling about
70 kilometers on foot through mountain and village terrain.

Along the way, you’ll create a unique trail narrative for Armenia as part of a diverse team from around the
world. 16 team members will combine the magic they each bring with what they experience on
Armenia’s trails—crazy landscapes, ancient history, and unique culture—to write and share a story of
legendary proportions.

To help get you here, we’ll cover 60% of your flight costs. We’ll also cover transportation, tents,
homestays, and meals long the way.

What are we going to hike?

We’ll begin in Dilijan National Park—don't worry, no one else has heard of it either, but it’s home to over 150km of trails that wander through lush forests and connect medieval monasteries.

Then we’ll move south to the Vayots Dzor Province, where a new, virtually unexplored trail network is waiting to be discovered. There you’ll hike through wine country, and experience what Armenian hospitality is all about in trailside villages.

“What’s Armenia like, you ask? Watch this!”


Getting the word out on the next great hiking destination
starts with this expedition.
There are only 16 spots available!

If you’re in, fill in the details below and tell us what you’ll bring to the team.
We hope to see you on the trek!