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Peter Ochieano
Spectacular views above the Gnishnik River gorge and Noravank monastery, especially after late afternoon rains when the sheen of the red stone contrasted beautifully with the green meadows above it. The campsite overlooking the canyon is really scenic, and there even appears to be a carpeted shelter for people hiking without tents (bring a sleeping bag, though). The only downside was that the spring near the campsite wasn't giving any water when I was there. I saw one sign on the trail which read, "Gnishnik village, 7.5KM", and Maps.Me also indicated that a trail leads to Gnishnik, but in reality it kinda peters out and becomes super steep and bushy once you reach the end of the trail shown on this app. Given my lack of water, I didn't fancy a steep descent into the unknown, so I turned around.
Rémy José
Very nice hike above Noravank, well marked with amazing views on the monastery and the cliffs around. Don't forget your water and make it in late afternoon for a better light in the valley!


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