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ARK Eco Camp

ARK Eco Camp

The ARK Tandzaver Eco Camp is located in the village of Tandzaver, 15 km south of Tatev Monastery.

The camp has 5 wooden huts, space to pitch a tent (offered for rent), and bathrooms with hot water. The huts, which can house 2 guests, come with an inflatable mattress, but you'll need to either bring your own sleeping bag or rent from ARK. The outdoor dining room is equipped with everything necessary to cook your own meals (you can purchase a variety of produce from the village), and of course there is a bonfire area. The eco-camp camp uses solar energy to power the lights and heat their water, and works with the village in order to support the local economy, buying produce from villagers to even being welcomed into locals' homes for a delicious homemade meal. The camp offers e-bikes rentals, as well as horseback riding tours for those interested. 

We recommend you stay here between the months of May and September, as the high altitude means colder temperatures in the spring and winter.
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