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Tatev to Bardzravan

Tatev to Bardzravan

15.8 km

Things to see

Bardzravan Caravanserai
Tatev Monastery
Old Bardzravan

Hike to staggering heights on this trail from the historic Tatev Monastery to the villages of Tandzatap and Bardzravan, stopping by the spot where a bride is said to have leapt to her death centuries ago. This trail can be hiked both on its own and as Day 5 of the Legends Trail.

From Tatev Monastery, take the H-46 road out of Tatev and down across a river before ascending back up to the Tatev viewpoint, which offers spectacular views of the monastery. From there, the trail winds down into a woodland, passing the ruins of the 10th-century Holy Mother of God chapel, and down through sloping meadows into the Aghandzu gorge. At several points along the way, you can clearly see the little village of Tandzatap. After passing through the deepest part of the canyon – where you’ll pass a waterfall – you have just a short walk to Tandzatap.


You’ll see an information board at the first junction uphill of the village. Walk east from here, admiring the surrounding gardens and orchards. After crossing the Shvariget River, bear north and you’ll reach a fork. Take the upper fork and climb out of the wooded valley towards open fields, passing a farmhouse along the way. Pay extra attention to the trail markings here as the trail will start to bear southeast towards another mountain stream. But before you reach it, break off uphill along the footpath which will snake up to join the H-46 road. Either follow the road or take a shortcut directly uphill, rejoining the road at a mountain pass known locally as Okuzarat. From here, take the dirt road uphill and east and stop at the viewpoint at the top of Harsnadzor for some stunning views. Meaning “Bride’s Valley” in Armenian, it was named for the tale of a woman who jumped from the cliffs in order to avoid capture during an invasion. When approaching the edge, be careful as there are no barriers and a steep plummet below.


The walking trail continues uphill – aim to stay parallel with the cliffside (at a safe distance, of course) until you reach a defined path that will take you into the forest. Eventually the trail meets up with a 4x4 track that passes some unidentified historic ruins and several khachkars. From here, follow the footpath down and across a stream nearby and into a clearing. From the several 4x4 tracks you see here, take the track heading east and follow the trail markings closely as the track narrows into a footpath. On this long and scenic stretch of the trail, be mindful of the steeper and narrower sections that pass close to the cliffs below as you approach Bardzravan. You can either camp here or take a 4x4 to Tandzaver or Tatev to sleep for the night.


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This trail constitutes Day 6 of the 15-day Legends Trail starting in Goris and ending in Kapan but can also be hiked on its own. Although the Legends Trail doesn’t have a website, you can find further information and stay up to date with official announcements by following its Instagram and Facebook pages. If you’d like to purchase the physical guidebook in preparation for your journey, you can buy one at the HIKEArmenia office or order online. The Legends Trail was created as part of the EU-funded "EU4Tourism: Outdoor adventures on the historic trails in Syunik " project, implemented by People in Need in partnership with Armenian non-governmental organizations ARK Ecological and Trails for Change (TFC).

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