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Yerevan Botanical Garden Trail

Yerevan Botanical Garden Trail

1.5 km

Things to see

Botanical Museum
Tropical Plants Greenhouse
Looking for a relaxed hike through the nature without having to travel far? Only 15 min drive from Yerevan Center this easy hike at Yerevan Botanical Garden takes you through a peaceful and biodiverse trail making it the perfect quick getaway.

Please note that entrance to the park costs 500 AMD

The Yerevan Botanical Garden was founded in 1935, in a semi-desert area of 80 hectares, almost devoid of trees, at an altitude of 1200-1250 meters.
The Botanical Garden is an institution of scientific, environmental, educational and recreational importance, the main purpose of which is the introduction of highly decorative and economically valuable plant species from different phytogeographical regions of the planet, the creation of demonstrative scientific living collections, the studies of their behavior in new ecological conditions and application of the most adapted species for the greening of cities and settlements.
One of the most important and priority tasks of botanical gardens is the ex-situ conservation of rare and endangered representatives of the Armenian flora. Eco-educational activities and raising of public awareness about the rich biodiversity of our country is one of the priority tasks of the Yerevan Botanical Garden.

The creation of the educational trails and signage were co-financed by the H. Hovnanian Family Foundation and HIKEArmenia NGO.

How to get there

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Luidmila Z
Была 09.06.2023 года,в будний день народу очень мало, отличное место для прогулок, цена входного билета 500 драм, в оранжерею 300.Данная оранжерея это конечно остатки от былого величия предыдущей цивилизации, но место атмосферное;) мне понравилось. Есть еще музей, тоже в другой раз решила посмотреть. Не успела посетить тропическую оранжерею( бесплатная) они работали до 14 часов( я не знала о ней).Но будет зачем вернуться. Очень рекомендую к прогулкам, много тенистых аллей и без перепадов высоты практически;)


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