The best time of year to hike in Armenia is mid-spring to mid-fall. So here are some tips to make the best of your fall hiking adventure in Armenia.  

Make sure your clothes are dry and warm


Fall in Armenia can be wet and cold, especially in the higher regions.
Therefore, it is even more important to have the "Onion look" for all weather conditions.
The right clothing is crucial. That's why experienced hikers advise wearing several layers of clothing. An ideal base. Over this you can wear loose, comfortable clothing made of cotton or fleece. Make sure that sweaters and jackets are not too heavy and can be easily stowed in your backpack. That way, they won't weigh you down and are easy to put on or take off. In case of showers, a waterproof jacket and rain pants to pull over will keep you dry.

Bring special equipment

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Especially because of the shorter daytime, a headlamp is a must when hiking in the fall. Make sure the batteries are charged and ready to go. Trekking poles provide additional grip on passages with snow. Sunglasses protect the eyes from the lower sun in fall.

Picking the right route for shorter days


It is important to familiarize yourself with the planned route in advance in order to be able to estimate the hiking time and the degree of difficulty. Since the days at this time of year are already much shorter than in summer, shorter routes are recommended (or plan for multiple days). The time of departure and return should be determined by sunrise and sunset, respectively, so that you do not have to return in the dark.

Shoes with grip for slippery surfaces

Especially when hiking in the fall, shoes with a good tread are extremely important. This is because the hiking trails do not dry as quickly as they do in the summer, and so there can be muddy and slippery sections even in dry weather. On shady routes through dense forests or in the mountains, the risk of frost increases. The ground may be icy. Hiking boots should also be waterproof and have a high shaft.

Finding a Trail


We're here to help you pick the best trail, which is why we added a new filter on our website that allows you to pick the best trails for the season. You can also stop by the HIKEArmenia Information Center for more information.
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