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  • Hike To These 5 Off The Radar Monasteries in Armenia!
    One of the first things travelers to Armenia typically learn about the country is that it’s the first one on the planet to have adopted Christianity as the official state religion (yes, even before the Romans, an Armenian will probably assure you).
  • Hiking in Armenia: 5 Delightfully Difficult Trails
    Here in Armenia, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by natural beauty, so you don’t necessarily have to climb the tallest mountain or traverse the most taxing terrain in order to experience stunning views. But, if you’d like to, you certainly can! Maybe you’ve been cooped up over the colder months and now that spring is peeking out at us, announcing its long awaited return, you are hoping to put your strongest foot forward as you reacquaint yourself with hiking.
  • 5 Natural Wonders In Armenia Worth Hiking To
    Armenia’s monasteries are pretty well-known, so well known that you’d be hard pressed to find a visitor to Armenia who didn’t visit one or two (or three, or four, or five…). But monasteries aren’t the only historical monuments hikers can experience while in Armenia.
  • Hiking in Vayots Dzor: Beyond Areni and Noravank
    Smack dab in the middle of Eurasia, Armenia has for centuries been at the crossroads of many trading routes, including the ancient Silk Road. Marco Polo is said to have travelled through Vayots Dzor, and it's thanks to folks like him and centuries of foot travel that many ancient footpaths still exist in the region today. They just needed some modern, professional mapping and trail building to bring them back to life for you to use!
  • Avoid Crowds, Embrace Nature: 4 Tips To Really Getaway In Dilijan This Fall
    When it comes to destinations in Armenia, Dilijan lands at the top of most lists for both local people and foreign tourists. That’s no exception this year. In fact, with international travel all but impossible this year thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, internal tourism in Armenia has seen a noticeable increase. If you’re here, all you have to do is pay a visit to a tourist attraction, like a monastery, outside Yerevan - they’re packed right now with holidaying local people.
  • One App For All Hikers!
    At HIKEArmenia, we believe that everyone should be able to access world-class trails and experience nature to the fullest. It’s why we created our app! Before us, there were few resources about Armenia’s beautiful and often hidden trails that were both free and easily accessible to international hikers.