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Arman is the founder of ArmTrekking (Armenian Trekking Project). A professional mountain guide experienced in both trekking and high-altitude mountaineering. Besides classical routes you will be offered to take part in expeditions to explore and see the hidden sights of Armenia and also get digital memories by drone video and photography.

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Ulyana Avetisov
Arman is not just a mountain guide. He guides you to hidden beauties tucked away in the clefts of Armenian mountain ranges. He loves the nature around him. He loves the heights, the skies, the flora, the busy whisper of the brooks, the waterfall’s speech. He cares for the people who live in these areas and their life and story. It shows. And it totally deepens the experience for you, going on a hike with Arman, bc he opens your mind to feel the significance of the life and beauty you see. And he’s also a really thoughtful guide in practical matters. He takes a small group, and to places off the beaten path, so the experience isn’t diminished by crowds. He adapted the route to what I could handle and lent me some equipment to make the trek a little easier for me, coming as I did from life on the sea level and as a total amateur in hiking. He spots unforeseen opportunities and takes the detours, bc they enrich the experience. He intertwines the adventure with the area’s story too, as when we went to Artsakh. It’s not just a job for Arman. He does this wholeheartedly, with utmost respect for the earth and people around him. 10/10 recommend.
Gema Rodríguez
Our trip to Armenia was very special and in large part thanks to Arman. He helped us organise four wonderful days of trekking and did everything he could to make sure they were what we were really looking for. The organisation was spectacular. We also really enjoyed his company and conversations with him. A guide to repeat and recommend.