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Arch Trail

Arch Trail

5.0 km

Things to see

Kapuyt Cliffside Carvings
Gomk Khachkar and Chapel
Natural Stone Arch

To get to this natural wonder, you’ll make your way from Gomk village to the small settlement of Kapuyt, which is sparsely inhabited in the summer months only (no shortage of livestock and honey bees, though!). From Kapuyt, you’ll walk up a beautiful valley following the signs to Artavan. At a junction 300m above Kapuyt, you’ll see a sign for the Arch Trail pointing to the left. 

As you continue making your way up, you’ll pass scattered medieval khachkars (cross-stones) and burial sites. You’ll also come upon a cliff with khachkars carved directly onto its face—quite a rare site in Armenia! From here, simply follow the single-track trail up the valley and you’ll soon find what you came for: a spectacular basalt rock arch with a small river flowing through the middle. If you walk through the arch, you’ll see the river cascading over a large rock face and glimmering in the sunlight, if the weather permits—fingers crossed!


How to get there

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Timo Kempe
It's a pretty easy, well marked hike through a beautiful landscape. The arch is quite impressive. Highly recommended. FYI, if you pet a calf, be prepared for an invitation of the locals to share some vodka ;)
Kristin Cass
We started the trail in Kapuyt and then hiked part of the Artavan trail instead of hiking up the road from Gomk which is where the trail starts. Starting in Kapuyt means the steepest part of Arches and then Artavan is also uphill. We were the only hikers that day. We had a picnic at the arch and really enjoyed the day. The fall colors were nice and the wild apples, pears and walnuts were delicious. The kachkars are beautiful too. Lovely hike!
Peter Ochieano
An easy detour to make between Gomk and Artavan. Very therapeutic to listen to sounds of water trickling down beneath the shade of the arch.
marjorie brottier
Roxanne de
Very beautiful scenery, good marked and no other people on de trail :-)


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