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Hayeli Lake Loop

Hayeli Lake Loop

19.4 km

Things to see

Lake Hayeli
Andranik’s Fortress
Nareh Waterfall
This scenic trail starts and ends in the village of Artavan, with two off-shoots: one that will take you to a beautiful waterfall, and another to a mysterious fortress. 

One kilometer after leaving Artavan on the southern part of the loop, you will see the junction sign post directing you to the Nareh Waterfall, a remote and beautiful waterfall. This off-shoot is just 1.7km in length one way, and the waterfall is a great place to cool off and relax. 

The midpoint of the Hayeli Lake Loop is Lake Hayeli (hayeli means "mirror" in Armenian), an ideal place for lunch before resuming your hike. The lake is also where the second one-way off-shoot begins to Andranik’s Fortress. The fortress is situated atop a hill with 360 panorama views looking back at Artavan, and at Armenia’s southernmost province, Syunik.

Note: The trail length for the loop is 12.2km, but with the additional two off-shoot trails you can expect to cover a grand total of 19.4km.

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Бара Иремашвили
We had spent a really nice two days in Artavan (september 2019), one day resting, second day going to the lake on a horses with a local guide Kajik, who was very nice and hospitable. We had slept in a campsite and we were very surprised, how nice and clean it is:). Nice nature without tourists, only local people and the animals home and wild as well. Beatiful two days!!
marjorie brottier
A nice and beautiful trail which can be done with family. The Hayeli lake is stunning. The Andranik’s ruins are so not impressive but the view from there worth it.
Emilie Sanchis
Nice trip. And Vartan rest home is great ☺️☺️☺️ we recommend to you 😊😊😊
Zul Kaz
This was a lovely trail if you are staying the night in Artavan. We had just completed the gomk to Artavan trail (which is great) so this is less intense and quite different views. It's worth detouring for the waterfall and the Fort for the scenery - otherwise there isn't really a physical Fort to see and the distance seems understated (says 0.7km detour for the Fort but seemed a bit longer). Overall lovely and the home stay at Taron was excellent. Delicious home grown food and amazing hospitality. There are two other homestays in Artavan which don't appear here on the app and there was no WiFi or ucom connection so would recommend downloading the offline map.
Գառնիկ Գևորգյան
Peter Ochieano
It's a steady hike up to the beautiful lake where I ate lunch beneath a shady tree in the company of two shepherds. Once you reach the fortress you can hike down over long grasses on the other side to the main highway via the village of Ughedzor (as it says on the TransCaucasian Trailnotes)


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Taron's Homestay

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Arman Guesthouse

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Artavan Campsite

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