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Kapuyt Loop Trail

Kapuyt Loop Trail

14.2 km

Things to see

Kapuyt Cliffside Carvings
Gomk Khachkar and Chapel
Natural Stone Arch
Starting in the village of Kapuyt, this trail will take you up a canyon, where both natural and man-made wonders await. The route is also rumored to be a part of the old Silk Road! From Kapuyt, you can follow the trail up the canyon, or take a side trip on the Arch Trail to see many medieval khachkars (cross-stones), including some carved into a large stone wall and the natural stone arch. If you do take this side trip, just head back the way you came to continue the route. 

As you make your way up the canyon, you may notice that several sections of the trail are part of much older historical routes. We’re told that these routes were built in the 12th century and are part of the Silk Road, though we have not been able to confirm this. The trail is very steep, so be prepared for a good workout! You can expect to find natural springs along the way—don’t miss the opportunity to stay hydrated and taste the delicious mountain water Armenia is famed for. The views at the top of the canyon are stunning—enjoy it for as long as you want (though, we don’t advise you stay out after dark)! From there, just follow the Kapuyt Loop directional signs that will lead you right back to where you started.

How to get there

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James Kilner
This is a truly world-class one-day loop route. We tackled it anti-clockwise, dealing with the tough climb first. This seemed to be a decent approach. It is a tough climb but you are rewarded at the top with outstanding views and then a stroll through mountain meadows back to Kapuyt. Excellent work HA!
Жига Шубиц
Very nice trail for 6 h with breakes. Wonderfull views and nature. The roadt to the starting point is a bit bad on the end (for low car) but let it not frighten you.
Matt Jenkins
We combined this trail with the nearby Berdakar route, going from Gomk to Ardavan on the first day and returning to Gomk via this route on the second day. It was a great village to village two day hike. Although the trail isn't marked, you can also easily climb up to the nearby peak (2,700m) for song fantastic views of the nearby mountains. If doing the route before mid May, be aware that the path up from Kapuyt might be obstructed by snow near the top.


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