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Medieval Monasteries Trail​

Medieval Monasteries Trail​

3.5 km

Things to see

Jukhtak Monastery
Matosavank Monastery
Setting out from the western edge of Dilijan’s city limits, this hike loops around a valley and connects two historic monasteries – Matosavank and Jukhtakvank – both reclaimed by time and nature.

Although it is possible to hike this trail in either direction, we suggest you start from Matosavank and make a clockwise turn around the valley, for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. The trail takes off from a dirt road and fresh single-track trail through grassy meadows and dense groves of elm, oak and hornbeam trees. The animals there are wary of humans and are spread out over the area; when you look down from time to time, you'll find a variety of distinctive footprints beside yours! If you're hiking in autumn, make sure you taste the local fruit varieties of wild pear, plum and apples. You might as well collect some rose hip to make a traditional Armenian mountain tea.

In order to get the most out of this hike, take your time to explore the two medieval monasteries this trail connects. These 13th-century monastic complexes were once active cultural centers, and are currently consumed by nature. Take a moment to simply sit down at the stone tables outside and maybe enjoy a snack. You might get lucky and witness locals practicing traditional rites like tying pieces of cloth on nearby trees for good luck, or maybe even sacrificing small animals like roosters or lambs as an offering to God

How to get there

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Кристина Саркисян
Очень красивая дорога, нам удалось совместить визит двух церковь : Двухаванк и этого монастыря. Дорога не очень сложная, везде стоят указатели... Природа во всей своей красоте! Рекомендую
A beautiful hike through water, nature and monsateries. Easily accessible, well marked.


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