Nestled in the heart of Armenia lies Lake Sevan, a marvel of nature and a testament to the rich history of this land. As one of the largest high-altitude lakes in the world, Lake Sevan offers not just breathtaking views but a journey through time and culture. 

Let’s dive into from natural, cultural and hiker’s perspectives the wonders of Lake Sevan and the unique experiences it offers, through the lens of history and through HIKEArmenia App.

1. A High-Altitude Wonder


Lake Sevan stands proudly at an altitude of 1,900 meters above sea level, making it one of Eurasia’s largest freshwater high-altitude lakes and the largest lake in Caucasus with 5,000 meters of basin surface, which makes 1/6th of the territory of the Republic of Armenia. Its vastness and beauty are a source of national pride and a significant natural resource for Armenia.

2. A Lake with History


Lake Sevan underwent a dramatic transformation about a century ago, losing nearly 40% of its volume and dropping by 10 meters in depth. This change has shaped both the landscape and the cultural history of the region.

3. Treasure Trove of Historical Finds


Among Lake Sevan's historical treasures is a remarkable bronze model of the solar system from the 12th to 11th centuries BCE. This artifact, one of the world's oldest geocentric solar system models, showcases advanced ancient Armenian astronomical knowledge. It uniquely represents the Earth as a circle, surrounded by visible planets and the Sun. This discovery highlights the sophisticated understanding of the cosmos by Armenia's ancient inhabitants, emphasizing their significant contributions to early astronomical studies.

4. Lchashen Settlement: A Bronze Age Marvel


Hidden beneath the waters of Lake Sevan for centuries, the Lchashen Settlement emerged following the lake’s draining during the Soviet era. This archaeological wonder includes a cemetery with 800 tombs, offering insights into the burial customs and beliefs of the time.

5. The World’s Oldest Wagon


At Lchashen, archaeologists unearthed a 4,000-year-old oakwood wagon, the oldest known wagon in the world. This remarkable find is a testament to the advanced craftsmanship and cultural significance of the Lchashen-Metsamor Culture.

6. Sevan Dream Trail: A Hiker’s Delight


Embark on the Sevan Dream Trail for a mesmerizing experience of Lake Sevan from the mountain tops. This easily accessible trail begins at the Sevan Botanical Garden, which is rich in biodiversity. It takes you through the Arjanots mountains for an expansive view of the lake and its historic peninsula. The lowering of the lake's level under Stalin transformed the island monastery into an accessible, historical peninsula site.

7. Sevanavank Monastery: A Sacred Site


Sevanavank, perched on a peninsula of Lake Sevan, was originally an island monastery. Founded in 874 by Princess Mariam, daughter of Ashot I, it was a place of penance for errant monks. The complex, known for its strict practices and manual manuscript copying, comprises two churches: Surp Arakelots and Surp Astvatsatsin.

8. Lake Sevan’s Ecological and Cultural Significance


Lake Sevan is not just a natural wonder; it’s a crucial part of Armenia’s ecosystem, providing irrigation and hydroelectric power and being a hub for fishing and recreation. Its cultural significance is unparalleled, with numerous historical sites and a rich folklore surrounding it.

9. Drakhtik to Kalavan Trail: From Paradise to Eco-Village


The Drakhtik to Kalavan Trail is a must-try for those seeking a more challenging adventure. Starting from the picturesque village of Drakhtik, this trail leads to Kalavan, one of Armenia’s first eco-villages. It’s a journey through untouched nature, with opportunities to explore archaeological sites and enjoy local Armenian cuisine at the Stone Soup Kitchen.

Whether you’re hiking the serene trails, exploring ancient ruins, or simply soaking in the natural beauty, Lake Sevan is a rejuvenating destination for all. Its unique blend of history, culture, and nature makes it a must-visit for anyone traveling to Armenia.

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