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Drakhtik to Kalavan

Drakhtik to Kalavan

16.7 km

Things to see

Lake Sevan

Hike from one little paradise to another on this challenging trail! Start at the village of Drakhtik near Lake Sevan and make your way to Kalavan, one of Armenia’s first eco-villages. 

Starting in Drakhtik, which means “little paradise” in Armenian, near Lake Sevan’s shores, you’ll climb up through the mountains of the Gegharkunik Province to another little paradise, Kalavan. The ascent might be a little steep, but trust us, the surrounding sights — and the destination — are well worth the effort. 

An unspoiled village without a single retail store and with ecotourism blooming, Kalavan serves as a great example for successful community development. Its forests host several archeological sites with both human and animal bones dating back some 5,000 years which have sparked the interest of archeologists around the world. But the village’s crown jewel is the Time Land Foundation, which is dedicated to environmental conservation, and its Scientific Center building, which serves as a scientific research center for visiting scientists, and houses a community center for local youth.

If you’re feeling hungry at the end of your hike, we recommend grabbing something to eat at Kalavan’s Stone Soup Kitchen, which serves authentic Armenian cuisine made with fresh, local ingredients. If you’d like to stay the night, there are dozens of local B&Bs that use solar heaters and offer basic comforts while maintaining the humble character of the village. Otherwise, you can hike back to Drakhtik for a cool dip in the lake or continue on foot to the main road leading to Dilijan or Chambarak.


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