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Aghveran Loop

Aghveran Loop

10.1 km

Things to see


This 5-hour loop hike kicks off in the village of Arzakan, taking hikers from Kotayk to Aragatostn by way of imposing mountain ridges. Along the way, take a moment to appreciate the small but beautiful Tsaghkunyats Lake. 

Starting right by the Arthurs Aghveran Resort in Arzakan, a village known for its spas and resorts, this trail takes you up the beautiful ridges of the Tsaghkunyats mountains. Formed by a volcanic field, this mountain range stretches from the Pambak Mountains in the north to the right bank of the Hrazdan River in the southeast. Its highest peak is Mount Teghenis, which you can see from this trail. 

After crossing from Kotayk Province into Aragatsotn Province along the mountainsides, you’ll find Tsaghkunyats Lake, where you can get a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape. From there, the trail goes down and back to the resort area via the ridgeline on the east side of the valley.

If you’d like to hike this trail in the winter, we strongly advise you to wear snowshoes as there is quite a bit of snowfall in the area at this time of year. Make sure you’re aware of the snow conditions before heading out – risk of an avalanche is always possible. You can contact us directly by phone or via message on our Facebook page for more information. 


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Sergey Baghdasaryan
The Trail was fantastic with beautiful seasides, I did it with my 5 year old son on April 23. who is going to do it in the near days I recommend you to take hot clothing as on the top there is still snow!!!
Casey Bartrem
We went up the west side of the loop and reached the lake. The road for the east part of the loop wash washed out and steep because of rain, so we went back the way we came up. Still beautiful!
Никита Достоевский
Хороший маршрут. Прошли его с 13.00 до 17.00, с учетом остановок на перекусы и рассмотрения достопримечательностей. Советую идти по часовой стрелке.
Asmik Mezhlumian
Очень красивый маршрут, живописный даже зимой. Есть указатели, что очень хорошо, но хотелось бы и побольше особенно в местах с развилками, хотя при помощи приложения проблем с ориентированием не возникло. В целом, очень рекомендую особенно летом
Микаэла Погосян


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Get a taste of Armenian hospitality

Arthurs Aghveran Resort

30-50 USD