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Byurakan to Orgov

Byurakan to Orgov

4.3 km

Things to see

Byurakan Observatory
Orgov Radio-Optical Telescope

This trail is out of this world! You’ll travel through space and time as you hike from the impressive Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory to the towering Radio-Optical Telescope in Orgov. 


Starting at Byurakan, you can kickstart this cosmic trip with a guided tour of the observatory, which was founded in 1946 by famous Armenian scientist Viktor Hambartsumyan and was an important scientific center in the USSR. Over the decades, its scientists have made a staggering number of astronomical discoveries. Ever heard of the Markarian galaxies? A cluster of 1,500 galaxies of ultraviolet excess, they were named after the Armenian astrophysicist who discovered their existence in  — you guessed it — Byurakan! 

From the observatory, make your way down through the river valley and back up to the other side in the village of Orgov. Between the months of April and May, be mindful of snakes along the river — it’s breeding season! A moderate 2 and a half hour hike, the trail ends right at the entrance of another Soviet scientific site — the Orgov Radio-Optical Telescope! If you ask nicely, the guard just might let you walk through the facility and check out some retro equipment. However, we recommend calling ahead of time (+374 010 23 26 00) just to be safe. For more information on Byurakan Observatory and Orgov facility, check out


How to get there

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Lu Adamcie
Nice short hike near Yerevan. However, beware of the snakes, there are A LOT of them along the river. Note also that the hike does not start exactly at Byurakan and that visiting the place takes time. To visit the radio observatory in Orgov, you must apply in advance for authorization to enter the site (it is worth it).
Tatiana Nadyseva
Wonderful sites! You MUST obtain a permission before visiting Orgov radio telescope. This must be done at least 48 hours in advance but really worth it. This place is mindblowing


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