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Dilijan Center via the Drunken Forest

Dilijan Center via the Drunken Forest

1h 30m
3.2 km
1421 m
1235 m

Things to see

The Geological Museum and Art Gallery
Stroll through a forest of slanted trees (hence the name “Drunken Forest”) on this trail, which connects Dilijan to Lake Parz. 

You can start either at the lake or Dilijan’s town center. Either way, while in Dilijan, be sure to take in local flavors at one of the town’s many restaurants and cafes (we recommend Kchuch!). On the trail, you’ll get a beautiful view of the town tucked in the valley below. Note: although a single route has been marked through the forest for this hike, you’ll find a whole network of paths in the area that you can explore, all just a few hundred meters away from town. If you are short on time and simply want a great view of Dilijan and the surrounding area, then this is your best bet.

How to get there

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Daniel Levez
A smooth start to explore Dilijan City and its drunken forest. BTW: why do you call this forest like this? 😅 Have fun / mersi & barhi chanapar Daniel Wanna know how we travel around Armenia? Check out “so weit die füsse uns tragen“ on Social Media
sachin thakkar
Nice view from the top, excellent marking and guide.
Rémy José
Nice walk above Dilijan, it is more an easy forest walk than a hike so you can make it in family or with friends without any problem. The view on top is pretty and it is a good camping spot!
Anna V
An easy and beautiful walk near Dilijan. The forest is calm and magnificent. If you're looking for a short hike, it's a really good choice.
Touffik FloresMagon
An easy path through the forest and then some part is on a neighborhood road so this part it is not very interesting but then you can connect with the entrance/ beginning to a better hike to Parz lake.
Daria Antonova
Very easy to walk and nice views, especially enjoyed pine trees on our way
Greg T
Loved it. This was my first experience to hike by myself and it was quite fun. I met no people on the road, quiet forest above Dilijan. Sometimes you have to stick to the map because it is not clear which way to go, but it's relatively easy road. Description confused me a bit, because it says that you meet a lake by the end of the road, yet there is no lake and seems some kind of reconstruction. It was a pity to discover several garbage collections on the road, so next time I go I shall be prepared to collect some.
Полина Литинская
Great route through the mysterious forest full of twisted pines, beautiful flowers and amazimg views on the city of Dilijan. In springtime there are also lots of singing birds. During the way there is a rope swing you can jump with and many places for a picnic. At the end we bumped into a small farm, with a provision of horseriding.
Mariam Mikayelyan


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20 - 50 USD

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>50 USD

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>50 USD

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10 - 15 USD

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>50 USD

Parz Lich Rest Area

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