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Kobayr to Odzun

Kobayr to Odzun

8.1 km

Things to see

Horomayr Monastery
Kobayr Monastery
Looking to meet wild goats? Follow this trail in the picturesque Lori Province that takes you from Kobayr Monastery to the 5th century Odzun Church, and you might just meet some!

Along the way, you will journey through a breathtaking gorge and pass the abandoned monastery of Horomayr. An amazing view of the gorge and the surrounding villages awaits there. You’re likely to meet some wild goats on this route—be prepared to make some new friends! We don’t recommend getting too close to them, however, like all wildlife in Armenia.

How to get there

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marjorie brottier
We appreciated a lot this hike with a stunning view in the canyon and allowinf to discover two nice monasteries. We did it in the both ways, from Odzun to Kobayr and then come back. It was long but it worth it !!
Fran Ziska
Very nice hike! We didn't see any goats but sheep, cows, pigs and giant grasshoppers :) the trail is sufficiently marked and easy to follow. In Odzun village, there are several guest houses, we didn't have problems to find a place to sleep. We stayed in "B&B Odzun", the owner speaks French fluently.
Sashka Avanyan
We loved this hike so much, dude. What a trip. We saw some horses literally trot into an ancient monastery, like am I in a dream?
Isabelle Baltazar
Really lovely hike. The hike to Horomayr monastery is quite steep but worth the effort.
Matthew Todd
We had a blast hiking this trail and the views are incredible. We found it to be pretty easy, although we somehow lost the trail after Horomayr and could not make our way up to Odzun. We passed Odzun by a trail in the canyon and just walked down to the main road and called a taxi, so it worked out! Overall, a great hike though.
Maral F.
This hike was beautiful. I even got to see the goats mentioned in the trail description. With the right boots and the right attitude you can do it!
Matt Jenkins
Superb views of the canyon. We went both there and back, which is fine if you leave enough time. We did manage to see the goats, they were hiding in a cave at the top of the gorge guarded by two noisy dogs!
Тата Септембер
Wonderful hike with the most viewing zone. You need a bottle with water, cause through road doesn't have a water source
Aline Yordikian
Breathtaking view! Would rate this trail medium to high because some part were quite steep. Meeting sheeps on the road was a unique experience as you are feeling deeply connected with fauna & flora. When you arrive in Odzun, make sure you go visit the church! Pants & long sleeves shirt needed.
Daniel Levez
This was our first hike in Armenia. Absolute insane this huge debed canyon! A nice walk to the Monastery and if you’re lucky you can see some big birds flying around the canyon 🥰 Have fun / mersi & barhi chanapar Daniel Wanna know how we travel around Armenia? Check out “so weit die füsse uns tragen“ on Instagram
Maria Ghazaryan
A dream hike! I recommend to start from Odzun to Kobayr for more open views. The trail is long and well-marked. I would say it is hard not medium. Very highly recommended. Thank you Hike Armenia for the wonderful job you are doing!
Charlotte P
About halfway through the trail you can climb up to Horomayr monastery but be aware, it's quite steep!!
Arty Om
A great hiking trail with stunning landscapes of the Debet canyon. Incredible colors in the Autumn. When you get to Odzun, make sure to meet Father Vrtanes, the abbot of the Odzun church.
Anush Mkhoyan
Stefan Kraushaar
We had stunning views without any humans crossing our way, but a flock of goats with shepherd dogs, horses, cattle and even bunch of pigs! The path was easy to find, only at the 2 monasteries we struggled a bit to find our way back to the trail. On the last bit underneath Odzun it's sad that paople have thrown their garbage over the cliff and it pollutes the trail. At the end the cathedral of Odzun is a beauty and the hospitable priest invited us for a coffee and some cherries in his garden!
Tad Karapetian
Fantastic hike! I did it in reverse in mid 2017. Visited the hidden church halfway through, saw goats and a couple of barking shepherd dogs but they were harmless. I'd recommend long pants to get past some thorny bushes. check if the road between kobayr and vanadzor is actually open.


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Odzun Hotel

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Tufenkian Avan Dzoraget Hotel

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