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Haghartsin Monastery to Hovk Village

Haghartsin Monastery to Hovk Village

24.0 km
2390 m
1490 m

Things to see

Haghartsin Monastery
You’ll go from the recently renovated Haghartsin Monastery complex to the village of Hovk on this hike, which follows the Transcaucasian Trail (TCT) route through Dilijan National Park.

This trail will take you along rocky dirt roads and historic footpaths that have only recently been discovered. Keep a look out for herds of semi-wild horses that belong to a farmer that lives near the route, and admire the sheer limestone cliffs you’ll pass along the way.

How to get there

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Mariia Oskotskaia
I did it backwards from Hovk to Haghartsin, just because I wasn’t sure about finding a taxi in Hovk. The trail is really great, everything you dream about. Best views in Dilijan, and the Dimatz mountain is very exceptional. The road is easy, no real climbing, almost all the way you follow the jeep trail. Fantastic views. The most hard part for me was walking up the serpentine before Dimatz. Long, steep and tiring. Also, I decided to go to the hidden waterfall afterwards, note that in this case you need to cross the small river.
Голотин Владимир
Great trail, very beautiful Second part after Dimats mountain is much harder, but views are great Beware spepard's dogs
Friederike Amalie
Anatole Dudko
This trail is a real hidden gem. It takes a whole day, but you probably won’t be able to see more beautiful places around Dilijan. The most stunning landscapes with cliffs in my opinion are closer to the Hovk village (you can start from there as well). There are a couple of not really friendly dogs in the middle of the way, but the dogs owners helped us to go through. There are at least two or three spots along the way, where you can find fresh water. Wouldn’t recommend it to absolute beginners, but for experienced hikers it’s a must visit trail.
marjorie brottier
We did this hike from Haghartsin monastery until Dimats mountain and then came back in the same way. The landscape is amazing, the cliffs are so impressive. It was a bit long and we had difficulties to find the marks at the beginning of the trail. Be aware of the shepherd’s dogs when crossing farms.
Agnes Cameron
We hiked this in the reverse direction (Hovk -> Haghartsin) and split over 2 days, starting in the afternoon and taking a relaxed pace. We camped next to the spring about 2km after reaching the top of the cliffs. The only challenging part of the trail to follow was at the base of the cliffs as flowers had overgrown some trail markers, but it wasn’t hard to find again. Stunningly beautiful hike!


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