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Khachardzan to Hovk

Khachardzan to Hovk

6-7 days
77.8 km

Things to see

Drunken Forest (Takhtah)
UWC Dilijan
Jukhtak Monastery
Gosh Lake
Haghartsin Monastery
Find comfort in Dilijan town’s lush greenery during this five-day 77.8 km (53 mi) hike from the village of Khachardzan to the village of Hovk. This trail is part of the Transcaucasian Trail route and leads you to many campsites and homestay options. 

Note: The route has been updated as of August 2023

As you journey through forests, woodlands, and gorges, you will understand why Dilijan is known colloquially as the “Little Switzerland of Armenia.” Your hike will also pass close to some of the most iconic historical sites in the traditional Armenian Highlands. Make sure to see the early Christian monasteries of Haghartsin and Goshavank, which date back to the 10th century. Self-sufficient hikers will find plentiful wild-camping opportunities along the route, giving you the ability to modify the itinerary to suit your preferred schedule and level of challenge. For those wishing to spend their nights indoors, guesthouse accommodation is available throughout the route - check out the map above for options.

How to get there

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Peter Ochieano
A great trek, full of rich forests in the south and grand views from atop the cliffs on the northern part. The southern route is well-signed and clear, but for the northern part make sure to wear long trousers as you'll be going through long grasses in parts, and have plenty of battery on your phone as you'll need to use your GPS for route finding in some places. Enjoy!
Marianna Nikoghosyan
A great multi-day trek for anyone wishing to immerse in forests, cliffs, mountains, lakes coupled with Dilijan city and several historic sites.
Josephine Lucie
Pretty multiday hike, autumn colors in late October (2022) are indeed nice. While the path is ok marked between Kharchadzan and Dilijan with occasional options for getting lost, it is in some parts completely inexistant between Jukhtak and Haghartsin monastery. Which is why i didn't continue to Hovk. Additionally, I didn't see a single human being on the way for hours. Camping near by the monasteries and in the Dilijan drunk forest works fine, so does hitchhiking with the crowds from Haghartsin monastery.


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Get a taste of Armenian hospitality

Areguni Guesthouse

20 - 50 USD

Takht-House Dilijan

>50 USD

Tufenkian Old Dilijan Complex

>50 USD

Mkhitar Gosh Hotel

20-50 USD

Parz Lich Rest Area

>50 USD

Daravand Hotel

20-50 USD

Artsiv Guesthouse

20 - 30 USD