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Goshavank to Gosh Lake

Goshavank to Gosh Lake

1h 40m
4.2 km

Things to see

Gosh Lake
Goshavank Monastery
This short hike will take you from the village of Gosh to Gosh Lake, passing by the ancient Goshavank Monastery. In case you’re wondering, “Gosh, who’s Gosh?” He’s the guy who basically put this area on the map.

Mkhitar Gosh was an influential 12th century scholar, statesman, and priest who founded the Goshavank Monastery complex. If you haven’t figured it out yet, monasteries were very important centers of learning and culture in medieval Armenia. The lake and nearby village are also named after Gosh. While making your way on this trail (part of the Transcaucasian Trail route through Dilijan National Park), you’ll notice several medieval cross-stones, unique to Armenia, including one with a tree growing on top of it! You’ll also pass through an area where trees are covered in white handkerchiefs. This isn’t litter—tying a white cloth to a holy site is a common local practice thought to bring good fortune. It’s a pre-Christian tradition that survives today.

How to get there

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Marianna Nikoghosyan
Easy and nice trail to do at any time of the year.
Tad Karapetian
Nice easy trail, the lake water isn't too enticing but the surrounds are beautiful. A great camping/picnic area by gosh lake.
Mane Margaryan
Raffi Assadourian
A relatively easy hike... amazing mountain views.
Rémy José
Enjoyable hike in the forest above Gosh. The lake is nice and is a perfect rest or camp place with a lot of frogs. Be careful, the trail is sometimes not very well marked. It is better to follow the GPS track or 4WD road if you get lost.


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Get a taste of Armenian hospitality

Areguni Guesthouse

20 - 50 USD

Takht-House Dilijan

>50 USD

Tufenkian Old Dilijan Complex

>50 USD

Mkhitar Gosh Hotel

20-50 USD

Daravand Hotel

20-50 USD

Artsiv Guesthouse

20 - 30 USD