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Vernashen to Spitakavor

Vernashen to Spitakavor

4.0 km

Things to see

Spitakavor Monastery

Hike from Vernashen village to Spitakavor Monastery complex on this medium out-and-back trail. Don’t forget to stop and admire the diverse flora and fauna of Vayots Dzor Province along the way and at the complex, where wildflowers bloom in abundance. 

Starting at the top of the village, this trail climbs steadily up rocky mountains to reach the Spitakavor Monastery complex. On your climb, you may spot some bezoar goats – which are native to the area – leaping up near-vertical cliffs. Apart from goats, Vayots Dzor is home to a number of wild animals like bears, roes, wild boars, Armenian vipers, lizards, black vultures, blackbirds, quails, sparrows, swallows and various types of butterflies. 

At the monastery complex, spend some time exploring the main church and its detailed sculptures and reliefs. If you’re hiking in the spring or summer, you’ll find the monastery surrounded by fields of bellflowers, dandelions, red tulips, narcissus, and blue forget-me-nots. Because of its blooming fields, the monastery is sometimes called “Tsaghkavank” (Flower Monastery) by the villagers of Vernashen, who also pick many of these flowers and other native plants for their medicinal value.  


How to get there

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Love this trail. White walking up we were getting refreshed in small rivers.
Nikija Kronberga
Very nice hike with good walkable and marked path. We met no people except shepherds. The monastery was small but very beautiful! On the way up you can see the valley and the river with meadows, but for the way back we took another path to make the hike more diverse. For me personally, it is boring to walk the same way back. We went down the road from the top to the right and had panoramic views of the towns and surrounding mountains the whole time, it was so beautiful! I would highly recommend this route as it is much more pleasant to walk especially for a descent and you are accompanied by great views that you can't see in the valley. We took a cab from Yeghegnadzor but on the way back we walked all the way back to town which was only 5km more.
Ruth Peacegood
Beautiful hike, very easy to navigate. once at the monastery I recommend continuing 1.5km to Proshaberd fortress for amazing views over the valley and mountains (200m extra elevation)
Matthew Steer
This trail was super beautiful in late May and no problem at all (except 400m climb in 28 degree heat!). It’s very easy to follow, and the monastery is tranquil. Much faster descending by the same route, and we saw two wild bezoar goats!
Микаэла Погосян
Amazing views with waterfalls and river high in the mountains. Not a single soul on the way. Whole track took us 4,5 hours, absolutely with it!
marjorie brottier
Really nice trail allowing to explore at the end a very pretty monastery.
LN Math
What a superb trail. Very well marked. A pleasure for the eyes! Not too hard and very varied. Beware of the heat, in August... the return trip can be very, very hot.


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