Crossway Camping

<20 USD
Located just 5km away from Yeghegnadzor and next to the Yerevan-Tatev-Sevan highway intersection, Crossway offers open-field camping on 2.5 acres of land. Don’t have a tent or sleeping bags? They got you covered. Prefer to sleep indoors? They got you covered again with shared rooms that come with private bathrooms. Like other eco-camps in Armenia, Crossway has a community garden you’re free to make use of, plus some luxuries like Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, a kitchen, a lake with live fish for fishing, and a barbecue area. If you’re not in the mood to catch/cook your meals, the staff at Crossway Camping offers both breakfast and dinner to guests.
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Yura Arakelyan
Nice place to stay, interesting and friendly....