Old Bridge Winery B&B

20-50 USD

This B&B comes with its own winery! Or does the winery come with a B&B? Either way, if you’re a wine lover, or just someone who wants to experience Armenian wine intimately and authentically, Old Bridge is the place to go. Both Old Bridge Winery and the B&B are family-owned and operated. Mom runs the kitchen and takes care of guests, dad operates the winery, and their sons manage the business’s social media and online booking system. Named after a medieval Silk Road bridge called Sur Kamurj (“Sharp Bridge”), Old Bridge is a favorite among travelers who’ve passed through the Vayots Dzor Province. And trust us when we say, the wine is delicious! You can even participate in grape harvesting and the winemaking/bottling process, depending on the season.

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Charlotte Poulain
They make one of my favorite wines in Armenia!! The bed and breakfast itself is nice but it's truly the wine that makes the difference. Try it, you won't be disappointed!