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Yew Grove

Yew Grove

3.0 km
​​1,368 m
1,197 m

Things to see

Aghavnavank Monastery
At the end of a narrow valley in Dilijan National Park lay two unique treasures: Aghavnavank, the Monastery of Doves, and a large forest of rare yew trees. This trail is easy and fun—ideal for families and nature enthusiasts of all ages!

The Yew Grove Trail starts off as a near-flat dirt road in the village of Aghavnavank, and journeys off into the surrounding forest. As you make your way out of the village, don’t miss the 12-13th century bridge right next to the new bridge before turning from the main road. Eventually, you’ll reach the ruins of Aghavnavank (meaning “monastery of doves” in Armenian). All that remains of the complex today is the main Holy Mother of God church, and a pile of rubble where monks may have once resided. The site has been partially reclaimed by nature; shining golden in the sun when the weather permits, it’s not hard to imagine why monks gathered here, enjoying the tranquillity and seclusion of the forest.

Feel free to explore the area near the monastery, but do stick to the paths. There is a large protected area on the opposite slope of the monastery, where you’ll see one of the few places in Armenia with a high concentration of yew trees. These slow-growing trees can reach heights of 25 meters, and live for over four hundred years! Find the picnic table about 50 meters from the church and just above the stream to admire the ruins and this rare grove.

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marjorie brottier
An easy one, crossing a beautiful forest
Maria Ghazaryan
Wonderful trail!


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