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Jukhtakvank to Haghartsin Monastery

Jukhtakvank to Haghartsin Monastery

19.5 km
2171 m
1436 m

Things to see

Jukhtak Monastery
Haghartsin Monastery
Traveling from Jukhtak Monastery to Haghartsin Monastery, the highest point of this trail will give you a 360-degree panorama view of Dilijan National Park. This trail is part of the Transcaucasian Trail (TCT) route.

Be warned! This trail will have you winding in lots of different directions, and there’s a section that’s not marked. Make sure you save this trail saved in your phone for offline use, have GPS or a paper map before you head out. Haghartsin Monastery, the end point of this trail, is quite busy in the summer months souvenirs and even a bakery and coffee stand for visitors. Camping is informally allowed behind the monastery on the terraced land, though you should ask the monastery staff before setting up your homebase there.

How to get there

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Marianna Nikoghosyan
Absolutely loved the route as it offered some of the greatest views over the Dilijan and the national park. But don't underestimate because it was quite tough to do in a day in autumn especially if with a heavy backpack.
Paweł Sulewski
Interesting route, nevertheless it doesn't exist in fact in some parts, you're just passing through the bushes. I hiked it in February and it the highest part (before descending) everything was covered in snow which was reaching at least my thighs, what made the route very challenging and dangerous at the end. The route is also passing at the very end through the private farm which is guarded by the dogs, so I had to take another route through the forest as the dogs didn't seem really friendly. Nonetheless the route is very nice, I enjoyed it a lot :)


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