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Dilijan to Jukhtakvank

Dilijan to Jukhtakvank

7.1 km
2,103 m
1,598 m

Things to see

UWC Dilijan
Jukhtak Monastery
This hike will take you from the center of Dilijan to the twin churches of Jukhtak Monastery through Dilijan National Park, on a route that’s part of the Transcaucasian Trail (TCT).

As you make your way out of Dilijan on Getapnya Street, take the time to see some local cultural sites, or maybe hit one of several hip new cafes that have popped up in the town center, like Tava, Cafe #2, or Kchuch. The remainder of the route will give you a glimpse at what local life is like. You’ll pass a school, bus shelter, and several vendors selling locally-made products on the side of the road. This hike ends at the Jukhtak Monastery complex. FYI, the churches there are twins, but not identical! One was built in the 12th century and the other was built in the 13th.

How to get there

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Elsa Kaplanian
Such a lovely trail, only 1 hour to reach the top ,where you feel on the top of the world, breathtaking sceneries,wildlife and so much to look around.
An easy trail with beautiful forests and monastery.
Petra Iva
As the most of the trail is on the road, it is not super interesting walking both there and back. We took a taxi (almost) until Jukhtakvank, which was very atmospheric and then from there followed a short circular path (less than 4 km, Medieval Monasteries Trail) to Matosavank. We didn't meet anyone on the way and the forest around monasteries was beautiful. Much nicer than the way back to Dilijan, along the road, although we did meet some nice locals on the way :)
Timo Kempe
Short hike to the two churches. You can continue your way on other trails which are not always well marked. The barking dogs will let you know if you're on private property ;).
Lt P
Totally waste of time! You always walk on a street where you can go by car and the only sights you see are armenian huts... There is also a small river down by the street. At the end you find the ruins of a small and unimpressive church (there are hundreds of really impressive churches everywhere in the country!) surrownded by piles of smelly cow's shit... If you really want to see it go there by car/taxi, but even that would be waste of time! You'ld better take the hidden waterfall trial!


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Get a taste of Armenian hospitality

Areguni Guesthouse

20-50 USD

Takht-House Dilijan

>50 USD

Tufenkian Old Dilijan Complex

>50 USD

Daravand Hotel

20-50 USD

Artsiv Guesthouse

20-30 USD

Eco House and Camp

< 20 USD