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Giqor Trail

Giqor Trail

3.9 km

Things to see

Tumanyan House Museum
St. Gregory Bardzrakash Monastery
Giqor's Fresh Water
This trail is named after a well-known Soviet Armenian film, based on a famous poem by the same name. Whether you’re familiar with the film or not, you’re sure to love this trail, which takes hikers through lush forests and beautiful monastic ruins.

The poem Giqor, written by the renowned 19th century poet Hovhannes Tumanyan and later adapted to film, tells the tale of a village boy named Giqor, who meets a tragic fate when he is sent to Tbilisi to work for a rich traders. Keep an eye out for a sign post with a QR code at the start of the trail, which will allow you to download and hear the story of Giqor while hiking in English. 

About halfway on this trail, you’ll find a water fountain where one of the film’s famous scenes was shot. Along the entire route, you’ll find various medieval khachkars (cross-stones), before reaching the beautiful ruins of the St. Gregory Bardzrakash Monastery. You can finish your hike by either going back to Dsegh using the same route, or by joining the Dsegh Loop Trail, which will take you back to the village using a different route.

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Daria Arjupin
A very nice, interesting and easy trail with astonishing views. The monastery is incredible. And as a bonus there is a geocache hidden there.
Lukas Spory
Easy to follow trail with beautiful views of a side valley of the Debet Canyon. It made a perfect introduction to the region for us. There is one daily bus to Dsegh from Vanadzor, and hitching a ride back to the city was easy - we waited for about 30 seconds.
Elly Di
По пути вы встретите волшебные поля ржи, сливовые деревья, и местных дружелюбных собак, которые с удовольствием проводят вас до цели!


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Tumanyan Bathhouse Hostel

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Sona Guesthouse

20 - 30 USD

Tourism Unique Center (TUC)

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