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Hidden Waterfall Trail

Hidden Waterfall Trail

1.6 km

Things to see

Hidden Waterfall
Haghartsin Monastery

This single-track takes you from the 13th century Haghartsin Monastery to a multi-level waterfall hidden in the surrounding forest.

The trail is 1.6 km (1 mi) 1-way, so you will end up hiking 3.2 km (2 mi) total to go to the waterfall and back to the trail-head. 

From Haghartsin Monastery, follow the single-track over stepping stones in the underbrush. You’ll traverse the snaking veins of the forest, until you arrive at its pounding heart—a hidden waterfall. This little waterfall is so well hidden by cliffs and boulders that it wasn’t discovered until recently! Tune out your worries and tune in to the burble of the creek and the aura of the forest.

Be sure to give yourself some time before or after completing this hike to explore the monastery complex. There are many medieval khachkars (cross-stones) hidden in the forest, plus an old chapel and a half-built Soviet cable-car station with amazing panoramic views of the monastery, the gorge and the rectangular peak commanding the background.

How to get there

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Ashkhen Mesropyan
Olya Yeritspokhyan
Really nice road, and the waterfall is just amazing
Muriel Clark
Short, easy and enchanting trail from Haghartsin monastery. Don’t forget your swimming costume for a cold dip in the pool by the hidden waterfall. Thoroughly enjoyed walking through the deep forest.
Lusine Minasyan
Maria Ghazaryan
Extremely beautiful trail, quite easy and pleasant to walk for the beginners
Marianna Nikoghosyan
Very short and very nice trail through a forest. Dare to get in the water at the end - it was super refreshing !
Mary Vardanyan
The trail was awesome with beautiful views♥️ it was well-designed👍 The waterfall was great💦
marjorie brottier
Easy hike and well marked which is perfect for family.


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