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Gomk to Artavan

Gomk to Artavan

15.9 km

Things to see

Kapuyt Cliffside Carvings
Gomk Khachkar and Chapel
Natural Stone Arch
Don’t worry—there haven’t been bandits in these parts for a long time. This trail, thought to once have been part of the Silk Road, connects the villages of Gomk and Artavan.

You may notice that this trail overlaps with the Stairway To Heaven trail, but there’s a vital turnoff that takes you to the village of Artavan from Gomk, and vice-versa. While hiking the Old Bandit Road, you’ll find yourself on man-made stone steps that switchback up the mountains dividing the two villages. This section of the trail is thought to have been part of the Silk Road! Continuing up, you’ll traverse a scenic cliff-ledge pathway along rock outcrops. Near Artavan, ancient trails have been restored in a beautiful forest, where you’ll notice old Silk Road bandit camps, without the bandits—they’re long gone. This trail is part of the Transcaucasian Trail route that goes through the Vayots Dzor Province.

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Zul Kaz
This was our favourite of the three hikes we did. Amazing views - as others have noted, the first bit was quite challenging for those of us who aren't as fit but well worth it. We stayed in gomkers the night before after doing the martiros to gomk trail (we then did gomk to Artavan where we stayed 2 nights so we could do the hayeli lake trail). Gomkers was a lovely Guesthouse - we were welcomed by a family who are supporting to run gomkers (quite a fancy Guesthouse which is reflected in the price compared to homestays for example). They were extemely welcoming especially as we were the only guests that night. No WiFi at the Guesthouse (as expected) and apparently some 3G networks work but not all (vivacell was recommended to us)
marjorie brottier
One wonderful trail with amazing views on stunning landscape. The trail is well marked and easy to follow. One final climbing part is quite tough. We took the opportunity to add about 1km and reach natural stone arch, located very near to the trail. We enjoyed as well both Gomkers House and Artavan Campsite where we stayed some nights to allow hiking experience in the area.
Charlotte Poulain
My new favorite trail in the whole country!! The climb in the first 8km is tough (not for the faint of heart - very steep) but you will be amply rewarded by the view. Also love that this trail goes through a part of the old silk road route.
Peter Ochieano
It is a pretty steep climb out of the canyon--pack plenty of water--but the views from the top are spectacular, and you can also scramble further for big views over to the Nakchivan border. Further down in the valley, a kind herder (Georg) invited me in for cheese and other goodies.


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Get a taste of Armenian hospitality

Taron's Homestay

<20 USD

Gomkers Guesthouse

35 - 50 USD

Zartonk Guesthouse

20 - 30 USD

Nvard’s Homestay

<20 USD

Arman Guesthouse

20 USD

Artavan Campsite

<20 USD

Benson Tour Guest House

<20 USD