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Tsater to Kurtan

Tsater to Kurtan

11.0 km

Things to see

Cliffside Chapel
Hnevank Monastery
"Brother and Sister" Fortresses
St. Astvatsatsin

You’ll find wonders both natural and human-made on this one-way trail from the town of Tsater to the village of Kurtan. Traverse cliffside footpaths and river valley ways to reach ancient fortresses and medieval monasteries! 

This trail is connected to by both the Ancient Avenue and Forty Children trails

Winding down from Tsater, you’ll find yourself perched above the beautiful Dzoraget River valley. On your side of the river, you’ll notice a large, distinct rock formation that’s actually an ancient fortress. Direct your attention just across the river and you’ll find its sibling, an even more distinct rock feature. Not much is known about these once-impenetrable forts, save their names — Kir (sister) and Axper (brother). As tempting as it might seem to take a closer look at them, we recommend sticking to the trail — they can be quite difficult to reach!

From the forts, follow the river until you come to a junction between the trail continuation to the right and the medieval Hnevank Monastery to the left, where you can take a short detour. Built between the 7th and 12th centuries, this monastery rests atop a hill within the gorge where the Dzoraget and Gargar rivers join. 

When you’re finished with your stroll through history, join back up with the trail heading to Kurtan. Carefully make your way along the rocky cliffside’s footpath — you might not see it immediately, but the trail is clearly marked. About halfway up, you’ll run into a small chapel built right into the cliffside among its little caves. Then, end your hike in the village of Kurtan, where you can admire the little church of St. Astvatsatsin.

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