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Parz Lake to Dilijan

Parz Lake to Dilijan

4h 30m
14.1 km

Things to see

Drunken Forest (Takhtah)
Parz Lake
The town of Dilijan is one of Armenia’s most popular tourist destinations, and this trail, which is part of the Transcaucasian Trail (TCT) route, takes you through Dilijan National Park and ends in the center of the charming vacation spot.

You can start this hike either at Parz Lake, or in Dilijan. Whichever starting point you chose, this hike offers the best Dilijan National Park has to offer. In the late spring and early summer, you can spot what TCT calls the most beautiful display of wildflowers in Armenia on what’s known locally as the Gyolort, a large alpine meadow (be warned—the ground may still be wet that time of year). While there are several sections of the trail that take you through heavily wooded areas, there are several flat spot that are great for camping. Don’t shy from saying hi to local farmers, but be weary of their dogs, which have been trained to defend their livestock from outsiders.

How to get there

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Anna Bartczak
Enjoy :)
Peter Ochieano
It is a pretty easy hike, but it passes through lots of atmospheric forest, plus some expansive vistas of the cliffs across the valley. Parz Lake was pretty, but commercialized, as it says. I pushed on towards Goshavank and found a nice campsite next to a spring above the village.
Tom Allen
Make time to hang out at Gyolort, the wildflower meadow at the high point of the route, from where you can see across the whole of the National Park on a clear day!
Timo Kempe
Nice hike mainly through the forests. Beautiful scenery half way through, enjoy!
Stefan Kraushaar
Amazing trail through woods (don't forget insect repellent) and meadows with beautiful wild flowers. Sometimes we almost missed a turn or the path was mostly covered by plants, but thanks to the app we didn't get lost.
Tad Karapetian
A great day out, especially if you start in Gosh. Lovely forest paths and meadows at the top. I enjoyed all the free berries along the way.
Javier Velasco
Great adventure that start from the center of Dilijan! Vahagn guide us the whole route explaining to us everything about the route and about the Armenian Culture. I have to highlight the risk management that he did in the activity. It was so proffesional.
Michelle Cheng
This hike is beautiful. Bring mosquito repellent as those bloodsuckers are nasty and there are SWARMS of them. Also check for ticks after. We found two. Part of the trail has long vegetation so wear long pants to protect from stinging nettle. Also towards the end heading into Dilijan, the trail has two correct paths (from the road section) - one that is a short cut that skips the drunken forest. The first left turn takes you in to the forest.
Paul Ferguson
Beautiful hike with a mix of lush forrest and high medow. The views across the vally to the cliffs are remarkable site. Parz Lake makes a nice finish with food, drinks amd other amenities available.
Ben Allen
Wonderful hiking through varied terrain with some truly spectacular views from the high points in the alpine meadows. The trail also passes by some very rustic farms with friendly locals hanging around in the summer months but otherwise you're unlikely to bump into anyone. very enjoyable overall
Anthony K
Great hike with nice sceneries. Not too difficult - took us about 4 hours one way. Very pleasant to see some wild animals along the way!


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Get a taste of Armenian hospitality

Areguni Guesthouse

20-50 USD

Takht-House Dilijan

>50 USD

Tufenkian Old Dilijan Complex

>50 USD

Parz Lich Rest Area

>50 USD

Daravand Hotel

20-50 USD

Villa Jrhogher Dilijan

>50 USD

Artsiv Guesthouse

20-30 USD

Eco House and Camp

< 20 USD