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Levon is an English and Russian speaking hiking and cultural guide with a great passion towards Armenian landscapes. Mountain guiding is one of his most favorite professions among several others. He’s the founder at “That Trail” hiking club, doing trips to nature in a friendly and immediate atmosphere for individuals and small groups.
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Andy Austin
Levon was an excellent guide who went above and beyond in every aspect. He is the best tour guide I’ve ever had. He was always kind, respectful, with a great sense of humor. He was very knowledgeable about the different sites and helped us with the hiking, even with our amateur skills! I would highly recommend Levon to anyone! 10/10 for sure!
Silke Rathert
We spent two amazing hiking days with Levon. After we told him about our hiking skills, he chose the perfect tracks for us, in two very different and beautiful landscapes. You can learn so much from him about the area and the people living in it.We appreciated his friendly, calm, thoughtful and pleasant personality. We would love to come back to Armenia and go on a longer hiking tour with him. Silke and Win (Germany)
Grace Austin
Levon is an absolutely wonderful guide! He speaks perfect English, and took us on a 3-day adventure through southern Armenia. We hiked, and explored and enjoyed his amazing knowledge. I would trust his recommendations, ideas and loved his joyous spirit. When we came across a challenging river, he worked hard to find us a passable spot so we could continue our hike. He was patient and kind and I will always choose Levon as our guide in the future! Shad Lav!!
Egor Rybalko
Всем привет! С Левоном прошел три путешествия, 20 км, 10км и 22км, провели вместе более 30 часов. Мегакомфортный гид: воспитанность, такт, знание своего предмета, поддержка, понимание и своевременная корректировка интенсивности подъема, интересные и глубокие беседы, хорошее владение русским языком, свой хороший автомобиль. С таким человеком не страшно идти в разведку, покорять горы. Левон, огромное спасибо!
Patille Kebabjian
Levon is a sincere and knowledgeable tour guide. I joined him on two separate tours. The first one was exploring the Ararat and Vayotz Dzor Provinces. The second tour was a hiking adventure in the Tavush region. Because of his authentic connection to Armenia's cultural sites and natural landscapes, I connected more deeply with my ancestral roots. It's definitely a bonus that he is a calm driver and plays great music while viewing the majestic scenery.
Ekaterina Musatkina
Левон — прекрасный гид. Второй год подряд, приезжая в Ереван, планируем хайкинг на день с Левоном. Он очень душевный, тактичный, никаких неуместных шуток, с отличным вкусом в музыке, ничего вам не продает. Таких хороших гидов надо еще поискать! и мы нашли!
Jackie Yip
Levon spent 7 days taking us around Armenia, and we loved every minute of it! From the start when Levon patiently waited to pick us up at the neutral zone of the Georgian-Armenian border crossing, til the last day when he personally dropped us off at Zvartnots Airport, Levon was the perfect guide. Our itinerary had a great blend of history, culture, activity and adventure. Levon's engaging personality and wide knowledge of Armenian history brought life to the many sites we came across on our hikes, and because he knows the hiking trails like the back of his hand, he could offer, on the fly, alternative routes to accommodate hikers of different abilities. We couldn't have asked for a more experienced, kind and considerate guide to take us efficiently yet safely across the varied terrains. Thank you again Levon for a wonderful adventure! Hope to return to hike the rest of Armenia with you soon!
Ani Asatryan
I had the pleasure of being guided by someone who truly embodies a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere not once. Levon's friendly nature and ability to find joy in the small things adds a delightful dimension to the experience. What I especially appreciate is his sense of humor, which lightens the atmosphere and makes journeys all the more enjoyable. What sets him apart is his unique approach to tailoring the experience to each individual, making a hiker feel like more than just a participant. Highly recommended for a memorable and personalized adventure!
Širín Ježková
Levon is simply the best guide to have! He´s knowledgeable but never boring, skilled but always quickly understands the limits of each group and adjusts the tempo, you'll feel safe while having an incredible adventure. Every hike with him was always an unforgettable experience. I can not recommend him enough, I wouldn't hike in Armenia with anyone else!
Cecilia Friderics
Levon was my guide during my visit to Armenia. I had some days to get the essence of the country, and with Levon I succeeded so much. He is a smart and intelligent person and gave much information to understand and get insight of Armenia. On our hikes I saw wonderful landscapes and heard exciting historical facts. Very reliable and helpful person.
Orsolya Szombati
Levon is a fantastic guide, I can recommend him for hiking trips in Armenia. He answered to all my questions beforehand, helped out with equipments and also to conquer the Northern Peak of Mt Aragats. It was a wonderful hike! I can’t be enough thankful to Levon, he made my stay in Armenia really memorable.
Whitney Austin
Levon was an amazing guide! I knew it would be a good trip, but he made our 3 day trip absolutely incredible. He truly went above and beyond. From finding amazing restaurants with local dishes to taking us on incredible hikes, every part of our program was thoughtfully designed. He was knowledgeable about every stop we went to and made the whole experience richer and more fun! He's also an incredible photographer. He sent us all the photos afterwards and they were so beautiful. We will definitely want to do another tour with Levon!
Enno Schönherr
Best guide ever! Super spontaneous, flexible and outgoing. He offered exactly what I was looking for and customized the hiking tour exactly to my wishes. Other hiking guides told me my plans were not offered as a tour but he customized it exactly to what I wanted. Levon speaks perfect English and is just a super cool guy to spend time with and also have good conversations. On top of that he is super knowledgeable about Armenias culture, nature and history so you will definitly learn a lot! 100 % recommend him!