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Goshavank to Parz Lake

Goshavank to Parz Lake

7.2 km

Things to see

Parz Lake
Goshavank Monastery
This easy hike will take you from Gosh village to the Lake Parz resort area, where you can chill, take on an outdoor ropes course, rent paddle boats, or partake in a traditional Armenian kef (party) with locals—vodka not optional.
Starting at the 12th century Goshavank Monastery, you’ll follow this trail (one of the Transcaucasian Trail’s routes through Dilijan National Park) through forests and hayfields. Keep an eye out for intricate cross-stones (called khachkar in Armenian), beautiful examples of Armenian cultural heritage as you make you way toward Lake Parz. Keep in mind that Lake Parz is one of Armenia’s most popular destinations for both visitors and locals. It’s very busy in the summer months, so if you’re looking for a quiet place to relax, this isn’t it.

How to get there

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Anna Bartczak
We made the trail but from Parz Lake to Goshavank and if anyone is going to do this also this way, we recommend just enjoying the view at Gosh from the last hill.
Mariia Oskotskaia
I started at Gosh and ended in Dilijan in one day. All the way took me ~7 hours, with detour to Parth Lake (didn’t worth it). The way through the forest was very nice, meadows at the top also have great views. Found a tick after.
Michelle Cheng
Bring mosquito repellent as those bloodsuckers are nasty and there are SWARMS of them. Also check for ticks after. We found two. Part of the trail has long vegetation so wear long pants to protect from stinging nettle.
Marianna Nikoghosyan
A great trail to do in autumn as it takes a steep up from Goshavank and continues i to the forests and ends at the beautiful lake Parz.
Luigi Pappalardo
Nice trail, especially the first part where you can have a great view of Gosh. The second part is more inside the forest and the lake was not so special. Anyway, I enjoyed it!
Andrea Hermans
Starts with a climb that brings rewarding views over Gosh quickly. Further up are meadows with potentially even greater views. Then you go down a small trail through the forest. There were cows everywhere. Almost at the bottom is a water point. You will see trail markers indicating Dilijan and Parz lake, so you can choose which way you want to continue.
Charlotte Poulain
Easy hike, ideal for beginners! There are some beautiful views in the meadow about halfway through.
Oxana Mandryka
Very pleasant hike through meadows and forest. Insect repellent is definitely recommended in the summer. The lake was quite busy in July. One can order a taxi from the very helpful parking lot attendant to get down from the mountain. There is also a deer sanctuary one can visit on the way to Dilijan, which is working on reintroducing deer to the region.
Rémy José
Nice part of the TCT above Gosh, with very nice views but the second part is less interesting, just a walk in the forest and unfortunatly the lake is not that beautiful... crowded and not that natural anymore...
Tad Karapetian
a great day out, especially if you continue through to Dilijan.


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20 - 50 USD

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>50 USD

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>50 USD

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20-50 USD

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>50 USD

Daravand Hotel

20-50 USD

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