Areni Lodge Guest House & Cottage

12-17 USD
This guest house is a private home in one of Areni’s residential neighborhoods, not far from the village center. Run by Ovsanna and her family, Areni Lodge Guest House & Cottage is perfect for families or groups looking for privacy and the freedom of having an entire home to themselves. If you do want breakfast, you can just tell Ovsanna the time, and she’ll be there to cook a delicious local breakfast. Ovsanna and her family have cultivated a large fruit garden out back, with peach, apricot, pear, fig, and pomegranate trees, which guests are free to enjoy. There’s also a swing, hammock, and children’s playset in the garden. Areni Lodge Guest House & Cottage offers a triple room with private bathroom and a quadruple room also with a private bathroom.
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