Areni Wine Art

45-50 USD
Areni Wine Art is a tasteful guest house located right in the center of Areni village. Family owned and operated, founder Davit carefully designed Areni Wine Art’s minimalist interior with guests’ comfort in mind. There are 8 rooms at the guest house: one 4 occupancy room, four 2 occupancy rooms, and three 3 occupancy rooms. Each room has its own private bathroom, and additional beds can be added to rooms for larger groups. Outside there’s a large patio where you can enjoy homemade local food, or even help the family prepare fresh lavash bread in their traditional tonir (similar to a tandoori oven). Davit likes to personally get to know each of his guests, and is an experienced hiking guide as well. He can advise on how to reach local attractions, and may even drive you there—friendliness here, and in Armenia, comes at no extra cost!
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