Areni Wine Cellar

12-15 USD
Areni Wine Cellar is a run by Anna, a young mother and wife determined to prove that Yerevan isn’t the only place in Armenia where good times can be had. She started her B&B out of her home 5 years ago, offering masterclasses in Armenian cooking to her guests. As part of her class, you’ll follow her to the local market to buy fresh ingredients for the meals you’ll prepare, and maybe even go fishing to catch fresh fish for dinner. The best part? Her masterclasses are free of charge. You just have to pay for the ingredients. Anna speaks both English and Russian, and offers offers tours across Armenia to her guests. Areni Wine Cellar can host up to 5 guests in two rooms located in the family home. And as the name suggests, Anna and her husband do make wine, and can teach you how to make your own, though it takes up to 5 days, FYI.
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