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Berdakar Mountain Loop

Berdakar Mountain Loop

14.2 km

Things to see

Berdakar Mountain
This loop combines newly built trails, dirt roads, and historic Silk Road paths for an awesome tour of one of the Vayots Dzor Province’s most scenic areas.

The Berdakar Mountain Loop can be accessed from Artavan village or from the Kapuyt Loop Trail. Berdakar in Armenian means “stone fortress,” and mountain bikers will be happy to note that a historic segment of this trail is quite rocky—perfect for an exhilarating (and challenging) ride! While hiking this loop, you can expect spectacular views of the villages of Gomk, Kapuyt, and Artavan, as well as impressive rock formations and a heavily forested area on the Artavan side of the mountain. If you watch carefully from the highest points of the trail, you may spot heards of bezoar goats! These wild goats are native to Armenia are known for their incredible ability to scale very high and narrow mountainsides and cliffs.

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Matt Jenkins
Lovely and diverse route with fantastic views of the landscape. Can be combined with the nearby Kapuyt loop for a two day village to village route.
Arnaud Potier
Superb trail! First of all, it is easy to find the starting point. The path is well marked all along, with only one moment where you have to go across a field (bur you see signs easily). The trail goes around the mountain and close to its top, across a forest at first and then on open fields. The landscapes are wonderful, and you can see very far away for at least half the walk. Overall, a superb hike!


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Taron's Homestay

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Gomkers Guesthouse

35 - 50 USD

Zartonk Guesthouse

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Nvard’s Homestay

<20 USD

Arman Guesthouse

20 USD

Artavan Campsite

<20 USD

Benson Tour Guest House

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