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Dilijan to Goshavank Monastery

Dilijan to Goshavank Monastery

2 days
21.2 km
1749 m
1228 m

Things to see

Parz Lake
Goshavank Monastery
This hike is perfect for those who are looking to get away, but not for too long. You’ll traverse through Dilijan National Park for two days, exploring some of Armenia’s most beautiful landscapes.

This hike is a part of the Transcaucasian Trail (TCT) route and takes you from Dilijan’s town center to Goshavank Monastery in the village of Gosh. About halfway through, you'll be able to spend the night at Lake Parz, a popular resort area. Small cottages for renting, as well as camping space is available there. The first part of the trail is 13.1 km (8 mi) long, while the second part, which concludes at Goshavank, is 7.2 km (4.5 mi) long.

Of course there are some of you out there who can hike this in a single day! 

How to get there

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Michelle Cheng
We did this hike in one day, about 8.5 hours. It's beautiful and totally worth it! Bring mosquito repellent as those bloodsuckers are nasty and there are SWARMS of them. Also check for ticks after. We found two. Part of the trail has long vegetation so wear long pants to protect from stinging nettle.
marjorie brottier
The trail can be done in one day (about 6/8hours) for people used to hike, and should also be a good option in two days for families who would like to camp. The trail is very well marked. As the trail is mainly in the forest, it is a very good option during warm weather, but the view and landscapes are very limited.
Rémy José
Easy trek that you can make in one day without any problem. Most of the trail is in the forest so it is fresh but views around are limited. The second part, higher, is nicer and the views before Gosh worth the trip! It is better to follow the GPS trace because some parts may be less marked than others.
Mertxe Perez
Se puede hacer en unas 7 horas, paisaje espectacular. Recomiendo estar atento en las bifurcaciones , a veces las marcas no son del todo claras
Anna Caules
Very beautiful hike, not crowded at all. It was easy to get a taxi in Gosh back to Dilijan in the early afternoon. Easily doable in one day, the hike took us 6,5h (without breaks 5,5h).
Alexandru Ciinaru
We did this trail in a day. It took us around 7 hours to complete it. As we were staying in Dilijan we decided to do the trail in reverse and get a taxi to Goshavank monastery. The trail is of moderate difficulty as the elevation difference +/- gets to 1800m. Mostly forest so not a lot of landscape sights. Bring bug spray as we did find a couple of ticks while on this trail. Mid trail, you are rewarded with a landscape view and even reach Lchasar peak 1769m (15 minutes away from the trail).


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20 - 50 USD

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20-50 USD

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10 - 15 USD

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