From the time of its inception in 2015, HIKEArmenia has developed over 800 km of trails throughout Armenia’s countryside. Drawing in locals, travelers, hiking enthusiasts, and nature lovers, we’ve provided the resources and the means to get everyone into the wild. Creating more trails is what we do, so what’s so special about building THIS one? Setting our goals high, an exciting new endeavor is in the works, and we couldn’t be more excited to tell you about it!

Unveiling a Village-to-Village National Trail Through Armenia

On May 16th, HIKEArmenia NGO proudly unveiled its newest undertaking, a remarkable national trail that will stretch across the entirety of Armenia. Projected to be completed by 2026, this awe-inspiring journey promises an unparalleled adventure through diverse landscapes, immersing hikers in Armenia’s abundant natural wonders and cultural treasures. With full funding provided by the H. Hovnanian Foundation, HIKEArmenia is in the process of researching, developing and implementing a national trail that will rival world-renowned cross-country treks. 

HIKEArmenia and the Armenia Tourism Board Come Together

In a moment of celebratory collaboration and shared vision, the Head of Armenia’s Tourism Board and HIKEArmenia took a decisive step towards unlocking the immense potential of the country’s natural wonders. Against the tree-lined backdrop of the Yerevan Botanical Garden, these trailblazers came together to sign a Memorandum of Understanding, lighting the fire of this new ambitious project. The cooperation between both organizations will ensure integration of the trail design sustainably, with emphasis on supporting local communities through trail development and environmental preservation.

Walking Through 954 KM and 108 Villages 

Imagine, in a matter of four years, a trail through Armenia will wind through 954 km (593 mi) of lush verdant forests, epic mountainous landscapes, and tranquil rolling hills. It will pass through 108 villages, creating a unique village-to-village hiking trail that will allow hikers to plan trips that vary in length, with just a day bag of essentials and an itch for adventure. Therein lies the beauty of this trail; where hikers and travelers of every kind can experience Armenia’s natural wonders and discover the cultural uniqueness of the country with a ‘do it your way’ approach. Families will be able to choose shorter day trips to visit iconic Armenian sites and vistas, while endurance trekkers can plan for a multiple day (or week!) thru-hike with the comfort and hospitality of guest homes at the end of every day. 

For everyone, embarking on this long distance trail will be a transformative experience, inviting hikers to push their physical boundaries and embark on a personal journey of determination and self-discovery, while creating everlasting memories with locals.

The Local Connection

Armenia’s national trail will not only traverse the breathtaking landscapes of the country, but also weave its way through 108 villages, offering hikers an extraordinary opportunity for cultural immersion and connection. Encountering the warm hospitality of the local communities will undoubtedly leave an impression on everyone passing through.  

The trail will serve as a catalyst for reinvigorating village economies, as hikers engage with local artisans, taste traditional delicacies, and contribute to the sustainable development of these rural areas. By fostering meaningful interactions between hikers and villagers, Armenia’s national trail will not only create economic opportunities but also enhance the well-being and pride of these communities, ensuring that their rich heritage continues to thrive or generations to come. 

Stay Tuned for the Next Great Adventure 

Just as the Pacific Coast Trail in the United States, the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand, or the Camino de Santiago in Spain have become icons in the hiking world, Armenia’s trail promises to carve its own place among these esteemed routes. Its unique blend of natural diversity, cultural encounters, and the allure of less-known trails will undoubtedly attract trailblazers eager to experience something extraordinary. Over the course of the next four years, pieces of the trail will be complete and ready for hikers. 

Personally, I can’t wait to set foot on a piece of this trail, even before its full completion. Take it from me, venturing through Armenia’s countryside will invigorate your soul and immerse you in the cozy embrace of rural life. If you crave adventure, make sure to add this experience to your bucket list and stay tuned for exciting updates.