Artyom is founder of the ArmLand Adventure Club, and has lead hiking groups on mountain trails across Armenia since 2010. While on the trails, Artyom enjoys taking pictures of his surroundings, trying to capture the feelings of nature as much as possible. He enjoys an eco-friendly lifestyle and outdoor activities. Artyom’s motto: “Dreams come true in the mountains.”
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Pavel Kotlyar
Артем -- профессиональный и внимательный гид с широким кругозором и знанием заповедных уголков Армении. Вне зависимости от того, сколько человек в группе, каждый почувствует на себе его заботу и без впечатлений не вернется. Ах, да -- и безопасность у него на первом месте!
Sarkis Altounian
Artyom Martirosian is one of the best experts in hiking. I did many hikes with Artyom and I can say he has the experience to turn your fatigue into FUN. Anyone who will ask me for a mountain guide my answer will be Artyom Martirosian and his team. We shack hands on many summits and I’m proud about it. Thank you Artyom