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  • This 5-hour loop hike kicks off in the village of Arzakan, taking hikers from Kotayk to Aragatostn by way of imposing mountain ridges. Along the way, take a moment to appreciate the small but beautiful Tsaghkunyats Lake.
  • Not for the faint of heart, this 15-day hike through Syunik Province takes hikers up rugged mountains and past ancient monasteries along old Silk Road footpaths. The trail kicks off from Goris and ends in Kapan.
  • Pass through not one, but three old abandoned villages on Day 3 of the Legends trail, and imagine what life was like perched atop the cliffs of Armenia’s Syunik Province. This trail can also be hiked on its own.
  • Hike to staggering heights on this trail from the historic Tatev Monastery to the villages of Tandzatap and Bardzravan, stopping by the spot where a bride is said to have leapt to her death centuries ago.
  • An extension of the much shorter Noravank Trail, this trail leads hikers through an oasis for butterflies and bears alike, the Gnishik Canyon. It starts at the remote village of Gnishik and ends at the iconic Noravank Monastery.
  • Enjoy fantastic views as you hike from the town of Goris to the villages of Karahunj and Khot on Day 2 of the Legends Trail in Syunik Province. Along the way, you’ll find traces of abandoned medieval villages and caves.
  • Ever been to Amberd, the legendary fortress in the clouds? This trail, which starts in Antarut village, will take you there! Follow ancient paths through forests and river valleys for this medieval adventure.
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