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  • Find comfort in Dilijan town’s lush greenery during this five-day 85 km (53 mi) hike from the village of Kachardzan to the village of Hovk. This trail is part of the Transcaucasian Trail route and leads you to many campsites and homestay options.
  • Enjoy two days in Dilijan National Park while viewing some of the most beautiful landscapes that the area has to offer. The entire hike is 20.3 km (12.6 mi) and can easily be completed over a weekend.
  • Say hi to the twins when you travel 7 km (4.3 mi) on this trail (part of the Transcaucasian Trail route through Dilijan National Park). It will lead you from Dilijan’s town center to the twin churches at Jukhtakvank.
  • Walk through a forest with slanted (drunken) trees. This 10.1 km (6.3 mi) trail is part of the Transcaucasian Trail route through Dilijan National Park, taking you from Parz Lake to the town center of Dilijan.
  • Ever wonder what life was like during the Middle Ages? This trail will give you a pretty good idea. The 13.1 km (8 mi) long journey starts at the old cemetery of Goris and provides a good view of the Goris Medieval Caves.
  • Get away from all your daily distractions as you journey 3.4 km (2 mi) from Bekh Village to the 10th century Bekh Anapat Monastery, a 10th century hermitage.
  • Looking to meet wild goats? Follow this point-to-point trail in the region of Lori from Kobayr Monastery through Horomayr Monastery all the way to Odzun Church.
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