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  • Amongst the higher slopes of Dilijan National Park, a few peaks appear to dominate the landscape: the magnificent mountaintops you’ll come across on this trail! We recommend packing camping gear and making this a multi-day hike.
  • This hike is perfect for those who are looking to get away, but not for too long. You’ll traverse through Dilijan National Park for two days, exploring some of Armenia’s most beautiful landscapes.
  • Not for the faint-hearted, the pilgrimage from Dilijan to Haghartsin Monastery is an incredible and arduous journey through the thick forests and over the mountain ridges of Dilijan National Park.
  • This trail starts in the village of Dsegh, birthplace of an Armenian writer Hovhannes Tumanyan. Passing through a local forest, the trail takes you all the way to the main regional highway, and loops back to the village following a beautiful river valley.
  • Setting out from the western edge of Dilijan’s city limits, this hike loops around a valley and connects two historic monasteries – Matosavank and Jukhtakvank – both reclaimed by time and nature.
  • This trail is named after a well-known Soviet Armenian film, based on a famous poem by the same name. Whether you’re familiar with the film or not, you’re sure to love this trail, which takes hikers through lush forests and beautiful monastic ruins.
  • Guarding the town of Dilijan day and night is a bizarre statue carved into a tree—the King of the Forest. Hike to this mystical tree right above the town center and enjoy the silence of the forest.
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