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  • Enjoy the dreaminess of Sevan Lake from the mountain tops on this easily accessible trail. Beginning at the Sevan Botanical Garden and climbing up through the Arjanots mountains, ending at the Sevan Peninsula.
  • Not for the faint of heart, this 15-day hike through Syunik Province takes hikers up rugged mountains and past ancient monasteries along old Silk Road footpaths. The trail kicks off from Goris and ends in Kapan.
  • Looking for a relaxed hike through the nature without having to travel far? Only 15 min drive from Yerevan this easy hike at Yerevan Botanical Garden takes you through a peaceful and biodiverse trail making it the perfect quick getaway.
  • This is a simple and easy hike that connects the villages of Debet and Yeghegnut. If you are staying in the area of the COAF Smart Center this is a nice option to get outdoors and explore the area.
  • Get a spectacular panoramic view of the Debed Canyon while standing next to Kayan Fortress, also known as Kayan Berd, built in 1233.
  • On this challenging but rewarding day and a half hike, make your way up to the summit of the imposing Mount Khustup, and get a taste for what it feels like to be on top of the world. This trail makes up the final 2 days of the Legends trail.
  • Journey through gorges, past rivers, and into valleys as you make your way to the Great Hermitage of Tatev, a once-renowned religious center now semi abandoned. This trail makes up Day 4 of the Legends Trail.
  • Pass through not one, but three old abandoned villages on Day 3 of the Legends trail, and imagine what life was like perched atop the cliffs of Armenia’s Syunik Province. This trail can also be hiked on its own.
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