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  • Get a spectacular panoramic view of the Syunik landscape on this quick and easy hike from the Old Bells of Goris Monument to the town of Goris. Though part of the Legends Trail, this trail can also be hiked on its own.
  • Not for the faint of heart, this 15-day hike through Syunik Province takes hikers up rugged mountains and past ancient monasteries along old Silk Road footpaths. The trail kicks off from Goris and ends in Kapan.
  • This easy hike in scenic Shirak Province takes you through a peaceful valley and along the Chichkhan River to Trchkan Waterfall, Armenia’s tallest waterfall! Bring some snacks for a relaxing picnic by the water!
  • This medium trail takes you along the ancient road from Vahagni village, named for the pagan Armenian god of thunder Vahagn, to Dzoragyugh village. Before starting, check out the nearby WWII Memorial, where you’ll find a statue of Vahagn himself.
  • Used by locals and monks centuries ago, this ancient trail takes you from the town of Tumanyan to the village of Tsater. Featuring breathtaking views of the Debed and Marts River gorges, this trail is part of the larger Debet Canyon trail network.
  • Explore the ruins of the mysterious Forty Children Monastery on this medium hike! Starting from Dsegh and ending in Tsater, this trail is part of a larger trail network connecting Dsegh, Tsater, Tumanyan, Kobayr, Odzun, and Kurtan.
  • Hike from one little paradise to another on this challenging trail! Start at the village of Drakhtik near Lake Sevan and make your way to Kalavan, one of Armenia’s first eco-villages.
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