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  • This easy hike in scenic Shirak Province takes you through a peaceful valley and along the Chichkhan River to Trchkan Waterfall, Armenia’s tallest waterfall! Bring some snacks for a relaxing picnic by the water!
  • We’re not sure how old this trail exactly is, but we know it’s old, potentially ancient. It’s so old that there are early Iron Age tools scattered about!
  • Explore the ruins of the mysterious Forty Children Monastery on this medium hike! Starting from Dsegh and ending in Tsater, this trail is part of a larger trail network connecting Dsegh, Tsater, Tumanyan, Kobayr, Odzun, and Kurtan.
  • Hike from one little paradise to another on this challenging trail! Start at the village of Drakhtik near Lake Sevan and make your way to Kalavan, one of Armenia’s first eco-villages.
  • Named for its starting point, the pagan temple of Garni, this trail takes you through the Azat River Gorge, where you’ll find impressive rock formations and the “Symphony of Stones” natural monument. End your hike at the Azat Reservoir.
  • This trail is out of this world! You’ll travel through space and time as you hike from the impressive Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory to the towering Radio-Optical Telescope in Orgov.
  • You’ll find wonders both natural and human-made on this one-way trail from the town of Tsater to the village of Kurtan. Traverse cliffside footpaths and river valley ways to reach ancient fortresses and medieval monasteries!
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