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Odzun to Sanahin

Odzun to Sanahin

10.7 km

Things to see

Odzun Church
Mikoyan Brothers Museum
Sanahin Monastery
Following the Debed River Canyon in the northern Lori Province, you’ll hike from Odzun Monastery to Sanahin Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

This trail is a continuation of the Goats Goats Goats Trail, which starts at Kobayr Monastery and ends at Odzun Church in the village of Odzun. From Odzun Church, you’ll hike through the Debed River Canyon, enjoying stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the villages below, until you reach Sanahin Monastery. The trail will lead you down into the canyon, where you’ll pass through Sanahin village and the old Soviet train station there (hence the name of this trail). 

How to get there

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Alexey Khabalov
Thank you team, for sharing this route. I made it in almost 8h and walked 20km from the top of Odzun. Sometimes, was not obvious where to go.:-) but it’s ok. A lot of fun on the road: red squirrels, goats, mountain cows, dogs, dangerous horses.
Greg pipes
We did this hike in mid-July 2022. Took 8 hours backpacking. Beautiful views, well marked trail. But the overgrowth along the way was brutal. lots and lots of thorny bushes slowed us down significantly. The start point is difficult to find and bear in mind that it connects to Goats Goats Goats trail - so don't just start following the white-red-white markers. Use the online map. The first half was without much shade and along the side of a cliff. Walking through the Soviet era train yard was fun and we had lunch there by getting some bread and supplies from a market. Some of the climbs on the second half were exceptionally challenging, but had less overgrowth than the first half. There were several water points (pipe out of the ground) at the top of those climbs. Sanahin is not that developed and we couldn't find a dinner spot. We camped at the school next to the Mikoyan Bros museum - that was beautiful. The next morning had breakfast at the Kernal Hotel. Overall very challenging hike that we're glad we did but won't do again.


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Get a taste of Armenian hospitality

Kanchaqar Campzone

5 - 12 USD

Odzun Hotel

20-50 USD

Tufenkian Avan Dzoraget Hotel

>50 USD