Here's are the reasons why you should start planning your next hiking adventure with us, and we're not counting the 8 languages the team speaks.

1. Our office is more than just that, it's a hub
When you visit the information center, you get to meet the community; international hikers, guides, and like-minded individuals. Your next hiking buddy might be here waiting for you.
2. Get helpful tips and information to plan your next hiking adventure
Our team will gladly provide you with resources that will make your hike unforgettable. Alongside our free app, we've got maps, guides, and lots of insights to share.
3. We've got the A's to your Q's
We understand that planning a hike can come with many questions. Each trail, each country, and each season has its own unique characteristics. We're here to help.
4. Gear up!
We teamed up with our local retail partner to bring hiking gear to our information center in downtown Yerevan, to make it conveniently available to you.
5. Can't choose between the trails?
We'll help you decide on the hiking adventure that suits you best. From the region, the difficulty, the length, and the surrounding activities, we'll match you up with the right trail.
6. Because Charlotte visited us and went on the hike of her life
"The place to go when you have a question about hiking in Armenia. They can point you in the right direction, help you locate the perfect trail for you to enjoy, and directly put you in touch with local guides if that's what you're after. Note that they don't organize hiking tours, but can arrange for you to find one. Their app and website are both great resources as well." - Charlotte Poulain, France
7. Get your HIKEArmenia badge to wear with pride on your next hike
Go on an adventure, come back to us for a visit, and become a patched member of HIKEArmenia!
8. And most importantly, because we want to meet you!

We know we said we're not counting the languages as a reason, but it's worth the mention. We can help you in Armenian (Eastern and Western), English, Russian, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, and Arabic.
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