Summer in Armenia is synonymous with family time, and what better way to spend it than in nature? Whether you’re a family with young children or avid hikers wanting to share the experience with your elders, HIKEArmenia has three trails, found just in the region of Tavush alone, that are suitable for all ages and experience levels. Read below for some of the great benefits of hiking with your family and where to go.

Why You Should Hike With Your Family in Armenia

Bonding time - Taking a digital detox means more time for conversation. Add to that an activity like hiking, where everyone has to consider and help each, and you have yourself a memorable experience. 

Improved health - Get your daily dose of vitamins! Hiking improves circulation, coordination, and mobility. Fresh air and sunlight add the most benefit, especially for those who spend most of their time in school or in the office. 

Cultural immersion - Hiking in Armenia, especially through its villages, means you will come upon locals in an organic way and experience the hospitality that Armenia is known for. Additionally, you’ll come upon lots of historic sites simply by walking along Armenia’s ancients paths, enjoying an immersive experience as you imagine what life was like in past centuries.

Tips for Hiking with Your Family in Armenia 


Hiking with your family can be seen as quite the undertaking. Remember, it all comes down to preparation. 

Plan for additional hiking time - All the trails listed on the HIKEArmenia site and app have estimated hiking times based on an average walking distance of 3km an hour. Make sure to account for additional time when walking with your family. Expect the frequency of breaks to be more and break times to be longer. 

Communicate plans - Let everyone know what to expect from their hiking trip - terrain, distance, timing, and what things to look forward to (viewpoints, historic sites, wildlife). This will help everyone be on the same page and look forward to the milestones of the day.

Encourage each other and have fun! - There will always be that one person in the group who’s more excited about hiking than anyone else. If you happen to be that person, take on the role of encouraging others to be just as excited about the day. Armenia is best explored on foot, and there’s something to pique the interest of everyone along its trails so don’t miss out on the chance to point out all the things your family will enjoy during your hike.

Family-Friendly Trails in Dilijan - Dilijan National Park - The Tavush Region of Armenia is known primarily for Dilijan National Park, where many hikers flock to in all seasons to enjoy the ever-changing scenery. 

Within Dilijan National Park, here are three great trails to enjoy with your family. They included in this list because they’re easy to get to, have level terrain, and aren’t longer than a couple of kilometers. We’ve included some highlights of the trip to help you get the whole family excited. 

  1. Parz Lake Loop - Take a serene stroll around Parz Lake on this flat trail and enjoy the reflection of the surrounding trees dancing on the water. Friendly for everyone in the family.  

  2. Drunken Forest Trail - This isn’t just any forest trail! Here, you’ll walk through peculiar pine trees swaying and bending above you, making this trail a great discovery and adventure for kids. 

  3. Hidden Waterfall - Follow the stream through what feels like an enchanted forest until you reach a small but picturesque waterfall. Once you complete the loop, explore the impressive Haghartsin Monastery, nestled in the forest and treat yourselves to a traditional gata, made fresh and hot right nearby. *Pay attention to the rocks below and help each other pass through areas that might seem a little challenging. 

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